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Five Reasons Why Travelling Promotes Mental Health and Emotional WellBeing

Five Reasons Why Travelling Promotes Mental Health and Emotional Well Being: Every year, more people are forfeiting their vacation days to continue working. Despite the anxiety, stress and the amount of pressure a person undertakes while working day in and day out, it’s really difficult to admit that the decisions to overwork has led to many negative health effects like anxiety, […]

Ways to Tolerate People You Do Not Like

Ways to Tolerate People You Do Not Like : Everyone keeps telling us to ignore and avoid toxic people but what to do when you have to communicate with a negative person on a daily basis? Be it your roommate or coworker, you can’t just leave a job or find another place to live. Someone does not like you while […]

Fun Ways to Spend Rainy Days

Fun Ways to Spend Rainy Days : It was raining yesterday, it’s raining today, and the sun isn’t going to peep out from the clouds tomorrow. Rainy days are rarely a pleasure and most of us usually hate this time. Rainy days urge people to sit around doing nothing with a terrible bad mood. Call it an autosuggestion or seasonal […]

Traits of Girls Who Know Nothing About Stress

Believe it or not, some girls know nothing about stress. They live their lives to the fullest and rarely face regret. It’s not a gift. It’s a lifestyle. Many of us add stress and anxiety to our daily routines. We put ourselves in stressful situations and think this is normal. We look around and see everybody looking as stressed, exhausted, […]

Ways to Survive the Times When You’re Unsure of Yourself

There are times when we feel unsure of ourselves and don’t know how to overcome this feeling. Even confident people often feel this way. Maybe someone says something negative about you, or show their anger against you, or they prove their power and try to bring you down. We’ve all been there, so you’re definitely not alone. There’s always someone […]

Where Busy Women Should Seek Help

Superwoman is a fictional character; however, the name is not a misnomer for most real-life women. Women have many labels: mother, wife, business associate, caregiver, and more. A revolving list of duties lies within each category. Oftentimes, pride and desire to be all and do all prevent women from acknowledging the need for help. For the sake of health and […]

Things You Do Not Want to Regret

As we get older, we start realizing the things that we tend to ignore in our early 20s. Yesterday, I visited my grandma who I have not seen for almost a year. Sure we stay in touch via phone, but I have always had an excuse to see her. Yesterday, we had a great time. We talked about her parents […]

How to balance your health with chakras

Millions across the world vouch for ‘Yoga’ as a way of life but not many understand how the Asanas, Pranayam and meditation actually affect our body’s ‘Chakras’. Chakras? That’s right.They are the ‘Energy Wheels’ located in specific parts of our body. These constantly spinning Chakras are associated to particular organs which, when worked upon, provide the organs the required energy […]

People with rampant intimacy earn more at work

Did u ever think that your romance is related to your earning income? A study at Anglia Ruskin University has proved that people who make their love two to three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who are less romance active.

Love your wife as marital Romance gets a second wind

It is an open secret that the intimacy between the married couples comes down with time. But the researchers from three Universities in the Southern US stated that couples whose marriages last longer than half a century experience a rebound.

A good shopping deal feels like having great romance

According to a new study it was revealed that “good shopping deals at your favourite store not only relieve you from stress or mood swings but can also arouse the euphoric joy of an orgasm! The researchers from University of Michigan found that finding good deals is similar to the feeling of great romance. It is quite surprising to understand […]

Reasons to Stop Negativity

Reasons to Stop Negativity : Just like positivity, negativity has a huge power. If you don’t stop it, it may ruin your health, relationship, career, and the entire life. You may not notice the consequences of negativity at first, but you will certainly feel them at some point of your life. I recently spoke to a person whose life is […]

12 Minutes to a Happier You

12 Minutes to a Happier You : You probably know how to cope with the hard times and bad mood. Actually, we all know. Each day we wake up and follow our morning rituals. We feel great and ready to tackle different tasks but then suddenly something or someone spoils your mood and ruins your entire day. This happens to […]

Revive Passion In Your Relationship

No, this article isn’t going to drone on about the usual passion props. After 30 years of researching what works in helping couples revive their relationships, including sex, I simply can’t just buy into the tips that you now find in every glossy magazine.

Is Meditation Really Worth It?

Totally. Here’s why First of all, understand that “meditation” is a catchall term for a lot of different mental activities, many of which have nothing to do with sitting cross-legged on the floor and saying om.