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Reasons to Give Up Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addicting things many people become dependent on without realizing it. Although we have all grown up loving sugar, there are many reasons to give up it today. The major reason is definitely your health. Sugar is the key factor to almost all health issues these days. It can suppress your immune system, upset your […]

Reasons You’re Always Hungry

It’s quite natural to be hungry when you don’t eat for a long time and do lots of physical exercises. This feeling is really bothering. When you are hungry, you can’t work, study and do plenty of other things because you are obsessed with the desire to eat something. But sometimes you may be hungry no matter how much and […]

Start Eating Mindfully

Let’s be honest, everyone likes to eat and there’s nothing wrong with it. The key is to eat mindfully. I personally appreciate different textures and flavors and I love to try different meals no matter how many calories they contain. When I was younger, I used to eat a lot and I often ended up feeling terrible and what worse […]

Common Causes of Stress

Being worried, frightened, strained or in a bad mood can be the cause of stress. Such things are widespread! Sooner or later we all are stressed and instead of doing nothing, people have to think about the consequences and try to overcome this tension as soon as possible. Very often our problems are the main reasons of stress that we […]

Ways to Recognize Hunger

Many of us overeat because we fail to recognize hunger. Sometimes we ignore our body signals and continue to eat. It’s important to understand true hunger because overeating is very unhealthy and can cause weight gain and other health problems. Get in touch with your body and use these ways to recognize true hunger.