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Makeup Tricks to Make Your Face Look Thinner

Believe it or not, there are a few makeup tricks that can help you to make your face look thinner. I’m always looking for different makeup tricks and I’ve already learned many ways on how to make a face appear thinner that really work. Now, I want to share those makeup tricks with you. Keep reading…

New Anti-Aging Treatments

Want plusher lips, defined cheekbones, or a stronger jawline? One of these fresh options could be right for you. In 2015, women want to look like the best versions of themselves—not overly plumped or pinched. The good news is that among the cutting-edge tools and technologies we have to help take control of the aging process, there are now great options that […]

Beauty Rules Every Woman Should Live By

Looking great can take a lot of work, but if you follow a few essential beauty rules, you will find that it doesn’t take long to look your very best. If you are looking for a new beauty routine and don’t know where to start, here are ten beauty rules that every woman should live by.

Eye Makeup Tips for Teens

As a girl entering your teen years, you experience numerous changes in your body. You begin to develop breasts and womanly curves and your menstrual cycle commences. You may also notice that you receive appreciative glances when you walk down the street. It is obvious that you are not a little girl any more, and you may want to look […]

Looking Great in Photographs

Want to know secret tips and tricks for looking great in every photo? Today we’re on a journey to discovering the secrets to look perfect in photographs. You don’t have to be a famous model or celeb and you don’t have to be perfectly beautiful to take a perfect picture. There are many experts who have created a set of […]

Common Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Your aim may be to look beautiful, but your efforts may be sabotaging your looks. Your beauty routine may be marred by one or more beauty mistakes. If you are not satisfied with the image that you see in the mirror, check out how you put yourself together. Sometimes making a single change can make the difference between blah and […]

Makeup Tips for Women Over 40

By the age of 40, you know that your beauty routine requires more than just makeup. You have to focus on skin care, moisturizing, and choosing makeup carefully to look young and vibrant. By the age of 40, you may also begin menopause, so you need to combine the beauty treatments you used as a teen with those of a […]

Makeup Tips for Different Complexions

You may have fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair, or perhaps you have dark brown eyes, golden brown skin and black hair. Your complexion, hair color, eye color and other factors play a significant role in choosing the right makeup colors. The rules for choosing makeup colors can seem complex, but the final judgment is yours. Choose those […]

Steps to Rosy Pink Lips

Your lips play a big role in determining your overall attractiveness.  Having dry, dull lips can be unsightly and off-putting to those around you.  However, it’s easy to get the healthy and vibrant lips you’ve been dreaming of if you know a few tricks.  Here are ten simple steps to rosy pink lips:

Beauty Rules to Break

Whether you’re a teenager, a mom, or a CEO, there’s a certain thrill in breaking rules. If you’re itching to break some rules but don’t want to risk big consequences, take a look at these outdated beauty rules. How many of these can you break today?

Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

Vaseline was developed in 1872 by Unilever. Within a few short years, the plain petroleum jelly had became a standard in medicine cabinets and makeup drawers the world over. Over the nearly century and a half since its development, the uses of Vaseline have grown to include everything from first aid to cosmetics and more. Here are ten ways you […]

Beauty Mistakes That Age You

Getting a younger, healthier look is a reasonable goal and one that many men and women share. Unfortunately, many people engage in practices that have the opposite effect. If you want to look more youthful and vibrant, avoid the following ten beauty mistakes.

Plump Up Thin Lips

Many people turn to surgery to enhance their appearance and the lips are no exception. Sure, surgery comes with risk and isn’t always effective. There are plenty of non-surgical tricks any woman can use to make thin lips look plumper and fuller. Here are ten of those tricks.

Common Beauty Mistakes Men Notice

Join a group of women for a night on the town, and you’ll hear them whispering about the guys with the obvious comb-overs and gaudy gold necklaces, or the ones chomping on gum so vigorously it’s a wonder their jaws don’t dislocate. But did you ever think about what it looks like from their perspective? Here are ten beauty mistakes […]

Bad Beauty Habits

If the image that you see in the mirror is less than appealing, the culprit may not be bad lighting or even your added years. You may be sabotaging your looks with bad beauty habits. Breaking these ten bad beauty habits won’t transform you from a “5” to a “10,” but you will almost assuredly see a significant improvement in […]