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How To Keep The Mind, Body And Soul Healthy

How To Keep The Mind, Body And Soul Healthy : Just as life is a great gift from God Almighty, so is good health an invaluable gift of nature. Fitness plays an important role for us to take full advantage of the joys and pleasures of life. Only a healthy person can fully enjoy the blessings and pleasures given by Allah […]

Powerful Ways to Get Over Failure

Every one of us needs ways to get over failure in life. Unfortunately, in societies obsessed with achievement and success, failure seems to be the worst thing that could happen to a person. In fact, failure is commonplace in life and it’s important to learn how to get over it. Don’t let the fear of failure ruin your life, follow […]

Do Brain Games Really Improve Memory?

Unhand the crossword: it’s not your golden ticket to a lifetime of quick wit and perfect recall Games sure seem like a good way to work your brain out, but don’t put your stock in Sudoku. “They target very specific cognitive abilities, but they don’t transfer to clarity of thinking, problem solving, planning—all the complex skills that really matter,” explains […]

Is Meditation Really Worth It?

Totally. Here’s why First of all, understand that “meditation” is a catchall term for a lot of different mental activities, many of which have nothing to do with sitting cross-legged on the floor and saying om.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises : Overworked, underslept and feeling the pressure? There are plenty of ways to find calm, without investing in a four-hand spa massage. All you need is a pair of lungs, your breath and 10 minutes or less.

Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are wonderful tools for promoting relaxation, creating a sense of peace, and healing the mind and body. They can also be used for many different tasks around the home and make a wonderful addition to your beauty regime. Here are ten creative uses for essential oils.