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Kissing Games You Will Love

Kissing Games You Will Love
Kissing Games You Will Love

When you have nothing to do with your boyfriend, it is time to have some fun with these ridiculous yet delightful kissing games. Practice your kissing skills and wow your loved one with new techniques to spice up your relationship and set the mood for the night. Check out what kissing games you and your partner will love.

1. Red lipstick kisses

Men dread red lipsticks, but this kissing game will break all the rules. Grab your super red lipstick, apply it to your lips and kiss as many parts of his body as possible in a minute.

Now that your minute is over, ask your boyfriend to apply your red lipstick to his lips (I know, I know, it sounds crazy) and give him a minute to kiss as many parts of your body as he can. Now count the kisses on your bodies and see who wins the game. Let me guess, it is your boyfriend, right?


2. Lucky ticket

Take a few tiny pieces of paper and write down as many types of kisses as you know. From butterfly kiss to French kiss, there are many choices to consider. Put the paper pieces in a glass jar and take turns taking each out of the jar. See who of you will get a lucky ticket that means a long French kiss.


3. Lick it up

You will need chocolate sauce, whipped cream or ice cream for this kissing game. Squeeze some on your partner’s mouth or any other part of his body, and lick it up with your lips and tongue. Keep taking turns until one of you will get tired of licking chocolate or whatever sweet you are going to use. The one who will give up first is a loser.


4. Guess the flavor

Grab a bag of candies that have different flavors, and eat one without letting him know which flavor you chose. Once you eat it, kiss your partner and ask him to guess which flavor you chose. Now is your turn to guess.


5. Movie kissing

Pick a movie that is all about kisses. Every time the characters kiss in the movie, you and your boyfriend should kiss as well. The challenge is to repeat every move the characters make.


6. Kissing marathon

Kiss for as long as both of you can. Whoever stops kissing first is the loser. You can set some hot, fun or weird rules to make your kissing marathon more exciting.


7. Red light kisses

While, yes, you should be careful when driving, this kissing game will hopefully not cause serious problems. When you and your boyfriend are in the car and your trip is long, make it more fun by kissing at every red light.


8. Yoga kisses

If you and your significant other practice yoga, take your couple yoga sessions to the next level. Kiss your partner as you perform a yoga handstand, for example. Or try out some other safe poses. Both of you will experience totally new feelings, I promise.

Kissing is a romantic move, but when you have been together for a while, both of you may simply forget what passionate kisses feel like. Do not let it happen. Play some of these kissing games every now and then to keep that spark alive in your relationship. What are your favorite kissing games? Feel free to share your ideas with us.



Kissing Games You Will Love

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