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Studying Effectively Without Distraction and Stress

Sometimes you need to learn something quickly and you can’t do it effectively because something distracts you all the time. Unfortunately, most students open their books a week before the exam and this is a huge mistake. Let me share some tips with you that I have learned during my classes. They may be of great use to students and […]

Become a Favorite Teacher

Ultimately, this is every teacher’s goal: to be the one who gets the most Christmas cards, is always greeted with a respectful “Hello!” in the morning, and is gossiped about in a good way outside of school. How does a good teacher do this without losing control of her class and keeping her material stimulating and interesting for her students? […]

Pass a Class that You Are Close to Failing

I think there is no such a student who has never had any troubles with passing an exam and grades. Even those students who learn everything in time can feel some anxiety when an exam is coming soon. I will give you a few useful recommendations that will help you to overcome your worry about your grades. Surely, you are […]

Staying Motivated in College

If you are a student or you were in the past, you can understand that it is difficult to study in the middle of the semester. Sometimes you need to get some motivation in college in order to continue your learning process. It is quite a normal thing that most students usually start a year with great inspiration, but after […]

Tips for Studying When You’re a Mother

Everybody knows that being a parent is not an easy task to do. If you really want to become a successful mother you should possess lots of positive qualities. But you should always remember the most important characteristics of a caring parent: responsibility, patience and hard work. Surely, that is rather difficult. For some parents things can become even more […]

Dealing with Bad Teachers

If we don’t know how to deal with bad teachers, we will get stuck with them for the whole year. The things can get slightly better, but the problem won’t solve overnight, that’s why it is rather important to take it in your own hand. If you can’t change the teacher, the class might change your studying and learning techniques. […]

Combining Study and Work

Combining study and work can be very hard and exhausting. However, it can be done. Nowadays many people work full-time while studying in their spare time, or study full-time while working in their spare time. Some of them even have families! If you are looking for some useful tips for combining study and work without exhausting yourself, keep reading…