10 Healthy Tips for Losing Weight and Eating Well

Sometimes, diets and weight loss programs are full of rules and regulations and this can lead to confusion or just put people off completely. A few simple, helpful tips can be a boon for those trying to get slim and stay that way, especially when they include ideas for healthy eating, alongside some more “unusual” suggestions. Hopefully, the following ideas will prove useful for everyone trying to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.

Healthy Tips for Losing Weight and Eating Well

These tips are easy to follow and do not cost anything to put in place, so here they are:

Tip 1
Have a starter of vegetable soup before a meal. The fiber will not just fill you up, but helps to speed the metabolic process of the rest of the meal.

Tip 2
If hips are a problem for you, do not eat spicy foods too much, because the spices stimulate glands that will help to store fat in the hips and bottom areas.

Tip 3
When eating dinner, turn out the lights and go for a low, warm, candle glow. The dimmer lighting has the effect of making people eat less!

Tip 4
Use smaller plates and dishes. This means that a full plate seems to have a big amount of food on it, but in reality, you are cutting down your intake.

Tip 5
Make French toast without oil or butter – just bake it in a hot oven, five minutes, then turn over and five minutes more. Plenty of calories saved that way.

Tip 6
Eat tasty vegetables without butter. Use herbs and a little spice instead. A squeeze of lime and a little chili powder on corn on the cob is great. Cook carrots with a pinch of dried parsley for extra flavor and omit butter.

Tip 7
Make omelets with a splash of cold water, not milk. Take care not to beat too hard, and you will have a lighter, fluffier, less-fattening omelet.

Tip 8
Make a salad dressing using plain, low-fat yogurt, a little paprika and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Tip 9
For crispy, low-fat roast potatoes, boil them with a vegetable stock cube for ten minutes, then roast for about 40 minutes, drizzled with the vegetable water.

Tip 10
Go for five portions in all of fruit and vegetables a day, and keep a food diary of all you eat. Be honest with it, this is going to help you cut down.

Finally, do not jump off and on the scales every day. Get weighed once a week and do NOT beat yourself up if you have not lost weight one week. Just consult your food diary and adjust your eating accordingly. You know what is good and what needs to be treated with restraint. Aim for a slow and steady weight reduction and that weight is more likely to come off. If you do it this way, the weight stays off too.