10 Minutes Yoga for Better Immunity, Digestion, Heart

10 Minutes Yoga for Better Immunity, Digestion, Heart : Doing small amounts of yoga can help you to stay alert and improve your health when you are tired. 10 minutes of yoga will improve your immunity power, digestion and heart rates. So, it is worth starting yoga today.

Yoga can intensify your life completely. If you are a regular candidate of stress and depression then just doing a few minutes of yoga can increase the flexibility and respiratory capacity to promote your health and reduce depression and stress.

Health should be your first priority and you have to give attention to it. Yoga’s are the best way to ease your life because it will give a total relax to your mental and physical health. 10 minutes yoga is a micro session for you and do wonders for you.

Yoga is the natural immunity booster that is beneficial for your health. If you have a good immunity power then your body will be able to fight from micro-organisms, germs, viruses, etc. It supports your immune system strong. But the only factor is that you need to practise yoga regularly then you will get all the benefits of doing it.

10 Minutes Yoga for Better Immunity, Digestion, Heart (10+ Asanas)

Only 10 minutes of Yoga daily can rejuvenate your health. You have to give some time to your health so that you can find ways to improve it. Physical exercises can boost your blood circulation and this will affect on your skin.

Yoga gives an uplifting approach to your physical health and works great to eliminate stress and depression. Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further, here are the 10 minutes of yoga for better immunity, digestion and heart that can change your life completely.

  1. Tad asana:

    Tad asana is also popularly known as ‘Mountain Pose’ and from this pose, all the asanas begin. You can do this yoga at any time in a day. Your five deep breaths can enhance your immune system but make sure while doing this yoga your stomach is empty.

    To begin this yoga, you need to bring your arms down and straighten your body. Then relax for a while and concentrate on the feelings in your body.  This yoga helps to improve your blood circulation, relieves tension, increase awareness, improves breathing problems, and many more.

  2. Hastauttanasana:

    Hashtauttanasana yoga is one of the most effective yoga for your health. It several benefits such as it improves your digestion and enhances your immunity power to fight with all kinds of disease.

    To do this yoga, first, you need to bend a little and raise both your hands up. Breathe in and roll the spine up. Then you need to accelerate your hips outwards. But keep in mind not to stretch backwards. Raise upwards. It expands the chest and your body will improve a lot.

  3. Hasta Padasana:

    Hasta Pad asana means hand to foot pose. You have to lift your left leg forward and breathe heavily. Bend knees and keep palms on the floor. You need to touch your knees with your nose by strengthening your knees gently.

    This is one of the best yoga that you have to do just 10 minutes daily and you will be able to see a great change in your life.

  4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

    Ashwa Sanchalanasana is also known as an equestrian pose. To do this yoga, first, you need to push your right leg back as far as you can and breathe heavily.

    Try and push the hips down towards the floor. This yoga will enhance your immunity power and improves your heart rate.

  5. Parvatasana:

    Parvatasana is popularly known as mountain pose. You need to lift your hips and tail bone above and breathe out heavily. Your heels should stay on the ground and you need to push the chest downwards.

    The benefit of this yoga is that it strengthens the muscles of your arms and legs. In addition, it increases blood flow.

  6. Bhujangasana:

    Bhujangasana is also known as cobra pose. This yoga stretches your abdomen, shoulder and lungs. It opens your heart and lungs and also relieves stress levels.

    Doing this yoga for at least 10 minutes will improve your asthma and also strengthens your spine.

  7. Ashtanga Namaskara:

    Ashtanga Namaskara strengthens and stretches your toes, soles, hips, lower back, neck, etc. This yoga is known as salute with eight parts or points. It puts the pressure on the muscles.

    It improves your body muscles and immunity power that will help your body to enhance. This yoga is best to improve your physical as well as mental health.

  8. Dandasana:

    Dandasana is also known as stick pose. Put your legs back as you breathe in. Keep your arms straight to the floor to improve your stretch.

    This yoga has several benefits such as it nourishes your body’s resistance, stretches your shoulder, spine, strengthens your back muscles, improves your posture, helps to calm brain cells, etc.

  9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

    Ashwa Sanchalanasana is also known as an equestrian pose. You need to put your right leg back as fast as you can and breath heavily.

    It strengthens your muscles and increases the flexibility of the back. You can improve your digestion and heart rates by doing this yoga regularly.

  10. Hasta Padasana:

    Hasta Padasana is known as hand to foot pose. You need to bend forward from the waist and breathe out heavily. This yoga improves your awareness, the balance of the body, alignment of the body, strengthens the shoulder and arms, foundation poses for all standing poses, and many more.

    This is the best yoga that you can do in 2020. It is very beneficial for your health.


These are the top 10 yoga’s that you can improve your physical health as well as mental health. You just need to do these yoga’s for only ten minutes and you will see a great change in your life.

Health is wealth and you know the importance of health in your daily life. Boosting your immunity power is very important and instead of taking medicines, prefer natural ways to improve your immunity power. This is regarded as the best way that you can follow at present.


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10 Minutes Yoga for Better Immunity, Digestion, Heart

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