10 Women Hairstyles That Are Trending These Days

10 Women Hairstyles That Are Trending These Days : Most of this year’s biggest hair trends debuting on the runways and being spotted on your favorite celebrities and influencers are decidedly mellow, reasonably low-maintenance, and all about working with your natural color and texture. Spicing up your look for this year is easier than you think.

Are you ready to see what hairstyles will be popular this year? Then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our comprehensive list to know exactly what you want for your hair in 2022.

  1. Mushroom Brown Hair Color

    The inspiration for the sensual, neutral medium brown tint that’ll be everywhere this year seeks inspiration from a mushroom. Don’t worry; it is far more attractive than it sounds.
    If you want to spice things up this year, a mushroom brown is what all-natural brunettes should ask for. This style emphasizes earthier, colder tones on an ashy background applied to your hair with standard highlights, balayage, or babylights instead of warm caramel hues.

    Blondes can participate in the trend despite the moniker without losing their natural lightness. If you are a blonde, who wants something different but is not ready to go entirely dark, ask for a toner to tone your hair in more beigey, brown tones. This will make you feel like you are glowing.

  2. Throwback Buns

    There’s just something about a bun. In fact, 2022 could be the year of the bun because, let’s be honest; it is the MVP of hairstyles. Buns are practical, so you can keep your hair out of your face while dancing with your buddies or appear super-sophisticated in your next meeting.
    The inspiration for today’s huge comeback of buns originates from two retro eras. The 2000s, for starters, were noted for their sleek, spiky buns with a middle part. Then there’s the somewhat more elegant bun framed by romantic, loose wavy tendrils.

    The good news is that most hair lengths and textures can pull off a bun somehow. If you cannot get your entire mane into a bun, your short-haired sisters can make a half-knot.

  3. The ’90s Layered Cuts

    The layered Rachel haircut from Friends was quite revolutionary. If you missed out on the trend earlier, don’t worry, it’s back and better than ever before. This year, you should request short angles around your face and long layers in the back for your next haircut. Even when left to air-dry, it looks bouncy and fresh when styled. Even for those who do not want to blow dry their hair, there’s something delicate and beautiful about it.When cutting face-framing layers, your stylist should constantly consider your facial shape. A layered cut provides a range of styling options. For a laid-back style, straighten them, curl them, or add some waves. Layers, in any case, never go out of style.

  4. The Bob

    Bobs are ready to make a comeback. Think mid-length for this cut, similar to the trendy lob, short for a longer bob that was popular a few years ago. The cuts are a tad blunter this time around for more edge. You should request something longer than your shoulder and shorter than your chin. This may be done on any hair type, from fine to thick.

  5. Money Piece Highlights

    Money piece highlights may appear costly, but they actually provide a lot of bang for your buck and can be an inexpensive way to lighten and brighten up your face. For individuals who like a stress-free salon experience, this technique entails just coloring the strands closest to your face, resulting in less time spent in the chair. Even better, with the exception of close-cropped or pixie cuts, money pieces go with all hair colors and styles, from soft waves to braids.

    Think pink or blue strands alongside your natural color if you want to be more daring with your money pieces. However, many individuals prefer a more subdued version of this trend, which involves keeping to colors closer to their base hair color. If you are concerned about finding a stylist who would do this for you, just run a simple search on hairdressers near me who do money piece highlights simple.

  6. Just-Right Hair

    Embracing your natural hair texture rather than changing it is officially a thing now, and it’s long overdue. The biggest hairstyle trend that has gradually gained popularity and is now available to everyone is not to underdo or overdo your hair. Allow your hair to express itself; curl it, leave it soft and undone as if you couldn’t care less.

    Let your hair breathe and be its finest self by stepping away from the blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron every now and again. Request product recommendations from your stylist or do some research on items that will enhance rather than mask the characteristics that make your hair unique.

  7. Hair Contouring

    You may still frame your face using a fashionable coloring method called hair contouring if you do not want to go all out and commit to a layered appearance or a bold, mid-length bob. Hair contouring uses deliberately placed highlights and lowlights to give your face a sun-kissed, more sculptural appearance, similar to how you’d use a contour stick and highlighter to chisel your cheekbones and jawline.

    Contouring works with several appearances and hues. However, the best part about them is that, similar to contouring with cosmetics; you can actually give the illusion of a broader or longer face depending on which tones you apply where.

    Hair contouring is determined by the client’s face shape, skin tone, hair type, and desired style. Talk to your stylist about your goals before getting your hair contoured.

  8. Sleek & Glassy Styles

    Perhaps you have heard of the glassy skin trend, which originated in K-beauty and referred to the skin so smooth and poreless that it appears to be reflected. Imagine the same luminous, almost wet-looking sheen on your hair, whether it is pulled back in a ponytail or bun or let down, pin-straight and sleek. It is such a classic and romantic style.

    This style is suitable for most hair types; with the correct product, even curlier, more textured tresses can achieve some sleekness at the crown of the head.

  9. Y2K Accessories

    The 2000s are back and better than ever when it comes to hair accessories. Jumbo claw clips, big satin scrunchies, and fuzzy bucket hats are just a few examples. With these old-school Y2K pieces, you only need to do a little to spice up your hairstyle, whether it’s a soft bun or a ponytail. They’re also super easy to use and perfect for freshening up second or third-day hair, especially if you’re attempting to hide greasy roots or a lot of flyaways or frizz.

    Don’t worry if your hair is too short for claws and scrunchies. Alternatively, a stack of late ‘ the 90s/early 2000s butterfly clips can be used. Whatever you select, these Y2K accessories are all compact, easy to carry in a bag, and may even be worn without a mirror.

  10. Embracing Your Natural Roots

    Going back to your natural roots and allowing your natural hair color to shine through may be the biggest color trend for 2022. It’s universally appealing and simple to maintain simply visiting your colorist to have a gloss applied to accentuate the shine. This method is suitable for all hair types.


Hair trends are always super fun to try out. There is little room to mess up because it is just hair at the end of the day, and it will grow back. So, just have fun with it! This year, try your luck with whatever hair trend you resonate with.




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10 Women Hairstyles That Are Trending These Days

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