20 Fitness Trends you Must be Aware of in 2020

20 Fitness Trends you Must be Aware of in 2020
20 Fitness Trends you Must be Aware of in 2020

20 Fitness Trends you Must be Aware of in 2020 : Maintaining a good health profile is the utmost necessity that every individual should follow. Without good health, both your mind and body suffer. A poor lifestyle causes physical degradation of the body and mental abnormalities like stress and anxiety.The year 2020 is a bit different. We are living through a pandemic. Almost all gyms, fitness centers, parks, and collective workout places are closed. A lot of individuals might have gained some extra weight in this lockdown.

This article contains insights into some fitness trends that you can adopt now.

  1. A Single Umbrella

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of health. Now we understand that health is our top-most priority. This hints to the formation of an efficient all-in-one health hotspot. Physical trainers, therapists, doctors, dietitians, etc. would work under a single umbrella health organization to help people maintain their mental and physical health.

  2. Mobile Applications

    We have extensively increased the use of mobile. Digitalization indeed has some ill effects. However, it is also true that it helps some people improve their health conditions. With mobile applications, we can now learn efficient exercise techniques. Like a personal trainer, mobile apps guide us to carry out exercises in the most efficient way.

  3. Online promotion

    Due to lockdown and closure of gyms and fitness centers, there is a tremendous rise in online fitness training. A lot many reputed fitness businesses have started creating promo videos and attract customers online. Now, we can even access reputed trainers online at a much discounted price. We can hire dietitians to prepare a suitable diet and exercise plan according to our body weight and shape.

  4. Role of Community

    If that guy can do it, why can’t I? We see and learn. We see and compare. Live collective fitness classes, live yoga groups, and social media fitness challenges are instigating the energy of fitness in us and leading us to ‘follow the trend’ and ‘maintain our health’ simultaneously.

  5. Rowing Craze

    The rowing exercise, where we pull cables with hands and push a plate with our feet simultaneously, is now the trend. It not only builds the back muscles but also helps to maintain a good posture. In addition to muscle development, it also helps in losing an impressive amount of calories.

  6. Changing Traditional Equipment

    With the development of technology, we have shifted to the use of more modern pieces of equipment like Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS). Cheat machines provide a full-body workout with very little time and effort. Experts claim that the results are three times better than traditional workouts.

  7. Use of Mirrors at Home

    Mirrors are not just confined to gyms but are increasingly used in homes for personal workouts. A mirror helps individuals to figure out their wrong postures and motivates them to work out alone.

  8. Kickboxing

    Kickboxing not only makes a cardio session entertaining but also helps to build strength and stamina in your body. Additionally, kickboxing is safe as the chances of injury are less. A one-hour kickboxing session can help an individual lose 500-800 calories depending on one’s weight.

  9. Meditation

    With increasing stress in today’s age, meditation is something that must be included in the list. Meditation helps one manage stress and anxiety very efficiently. A combination of vigorous exercise and mediation can create impressive results.

  10. Stretching Exercises

    There is a significant rise in stretching exercises at this time of the pandemic. As most of the people are home quarantined, a lot of individuals depend on mild stretching exercises to maintain good health.


    The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & High-Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT) is the new trend. The exercise methods are efficient to burn remarkable calories and boost metabolism. These methods are highly recommended for runners.

  12. Smart Clothing and Wearable Devices

    Fitness bands are gadgets that probably every fitness-loving person possesses. Smartwatches and fitness bands track the body vitals and guide you to lose calories accordingly. In addition to the wearable devices, smart clothing like vibrating leggings gives feedback for the alignment flaws during a workout session.

  13. Customized Fitness

    Different bodies have different requirements. Although it might be a bit pricey, unique attention and better care validate it. Customized fitness services and products guarantee quality and make you feel better.

  14. Strength Training Vs Cardio

    A lot of individuals, especially women, are shifting from long cardio sessions to strength training. Strength training builds muscle, increases stamina & strength, and also helps in losing significant calories. It helps to feel strong both physically and mentally.

  15. Building a Good Foundation

    Everyone should enjoy their workout sessions. They should build a foundation with low-intensity workouts to prevent injuries. Prioritizing movement & proper stretching education is the key. One should not discontinue workouts because of injuries.

  16. Do not Just Work for your Abs!

    A lot of individuals exercise aspiring to look like bodybuilders. Abs, biceps, and triceps are fascinating. Working for them is great too but it should not be your sole target. You should work out to feel good. People are starting to understand the greater importance of healthy life than six-pack abs.

  17. The Power of Music

    Good music will add the extra spice that will effectively remove the ‘boring’ element from your cardio sessions. Instead of using the treadmill, take out your camera, and do some crazy dance steps. Record your session and get back to it to improvise and practice. You can increase Instagram followers and decrease your weight at the same time

  18. Quality Movement

    Professionals are now focusing on improving the way their clients move. Controlled & quality movement in daily life ensures pain reduction and enhances performance at higher levels. They track their clients with motion capture techniques, body weight assessment, and mobile apps.

  19. Intuitive Eating Habits

    An intuitive eating habit lets individuals enjoy their meals without having an ethical dilemma. They do not see the food as good or bad. They enjoy the food and know when to stop.

  20. Hygiene

    ‘Eating hygienic to living hygienic’ is the trend that almost every individual in this globe has adopted. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will probably follow this health trend for the rest of our lives.


The above-mentioned fitness trends are exciting and keep us motivated to work out for our bodies. Trends like these give us a purpose and reason to take care of our health.

Do not take fitness as a burden. Do whatever you want to do to keep your heart healthy. Start your YouTube channel and edit your YouTube videos at videocreek.com to show your fitness knowledge. Or dance to your favorite song. Once you start listening to your health, there is no turning back!








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20 Fitness Trends you Must be Aware of in 2020

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