2022’s Top Natural Beauty Treatments

2022’s Top Natural Beauty Treatments : Trends in beauty care are ever-changing, as new breakthroughs in beauty science and technology give rise to new treatments and tools, as well as new aesthetic styles that explode in popularity via online spaces.

2020 and 2021 were interesting years for beauty, with DIY treatments and self-care booming in the face of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on gathering. With those restrictions largely removed, 2022 promises to be just as interesting for innovative treatments and new beauty care trends. Here are three of the biggest potential trends to go big in the coming year.

Tan Accelerators

Despite the lifting of many restrictions to international travel, holiday hesitancy is a very real thing for Brits as “staycation” bookings continue to see a boom in 2022. While the UK does have its fair share of warm weather in late Summer, it cannot quite hold a candle to Mediterranean beaches and tropical weather – leading us to look elsewhere for the swift development of a summer tan.

However, fake tans are going out of fashion, with a preference for natural results enduring in recent years. In its place rises the tan accelerator, a product that can increase the amount of melanin produced in your skin when sunbathing. Tan accelerators are the go-to for achieving that sun-kissed look in 2022, without streaks and without staining your favourite blouse.

Skincare Treatments and Tools

The aforementioned preference for natural treatments and remedies is a holistic one, not just bound to tanning solutions; skincare as a whole is experiencing a renaissance in natural products and processes, following on from the increased popularity of home-baked beauty regimes. Facial products developed with organic ingredients are all the rage, with plant-based creams and moisturisers amongst the most popular on the market.

Skincare treatments that don’t consume resources are also returning to the fore, with the facial roller being a major example of a skincare tool that could last a lifetime. Jade rollers can be found online and in every high street beauty outlet, and have a number of purported benefits to the skin on your face. Rollers can improve blood circulation by stimulating the capillaries in your face, and also reduce puffiness and swelling. The cold sensation can soothe angry skin, especially after an aggressive treatment or a day in the elements, and the sensation of massage alone can contribute to overall relaxation.

Natural Haircare

Lastly, haircare is no different when it comes to the boom in natural remedies – but for a majority of people, lack of access to professional salons has led to haircare taking a back-seat in their beauty regime. Natural conditioning oils in the form of coconut, olive and rosemary prove excellent foundations, re-introducing nutrients – while emulsion with acids like apple cider vinegar can introduce good bacteria and beneficial enzymes.



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2022’s Top Natural Beauty Treatments

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