3 Reasons Why Kayaking Is a Good Exercise For Losing Weight

3 Reasons Why Kayaking Is a Good Exercise For Losing Weight : Summer is finally here and it seems that temperatures are rising with each passing day. If you’re anything like me with your favourite fishing kayak and get discouraged easily, summer heat can become just another excuse for skipping your next cardio day.

While it’s true that running and cycling are more difficult when it’s hot, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that can be just as intense and effective workouts. Today, I want to take a look at kayaking and explain why it is a great exercise and perfect for losing weight.


1. You’ll burn at least 350 calories per hour

According to the American Council on Exercise, a 150-pound person burns about 350 calories per hour of kayaking and a 200-pound person burns more than 450. Since the energy expenditure for each activity depends on your body weight, you may burn more or less calories depending on your size.

While it’s true that running, cycling and even swimming can burn more calories per hour than kayaking, it is such an enjoyable exercise that you are likely to spend more time on the water. Kayaking 10 miles takes about three to four hours so those calories add up quickly! More time kayaking = more calories burned.


2. You’ll work out your entire body in one go

Now, kayaking is usually just a hobby for people, something that they do every now and then when on vacation. But what many people don’t realize is that it is a great total body workout. As you’re paddling the waters, you’re working your arms, shoulders, upper back, core, as well as your legs. There aren’t that many exercises that work all muscle groups at once.

Your upper body (arms and shoulders) are working to move the paddle while you use your core to generate power. Even though your legs are not moving much, they are still getting a good workout as you use them to balance the kayak.


3. It helps to relieve stress

You might not know this but even if you mostly eat healthy and exercise regularly, chronic stress can prevent you from losing weight or even add pounds. This is why it’s very important to try and reduce stress when losing weight – it will only make your journey that much easier.

Research has found that spending time in the nature is excellent for stress relief and what better way is there to enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth than kayaking!? Watching your boat move through the water, enjoying the greenery, admiring the sky – it is a very relaxing experience and will help those pounds melt away.

I hope this article inspired you to try kayaking, if not for weight loss then at least as a hobby. But know that before you can get out on the water this summer, you need to pick a kayak that suits your body weight and your activity type.

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Karmen is a freelance writer living in France whose second passion is health and nutrition. She is currently working as a Virtual Assistant providing services to different marketing companies and works as a writer/editor at Wicked-Reviews.com.




3 Reasons Why Kayaking Is a Good Exercise For Losing Weight

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