3 Ways Magnesium Might Improve Your Health

3 Ways Magnesium Might Improve Your Health : When it comes to nutrition, knowledge really is power. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get active, or sleep better, knowing what your body needs will carry you a long way in your journey. As you research the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive, you’ll likely come across magnesium.

This element contributes to hundreds of biochemical processes in the body and may significantly lower your risk for several adverse conditions. If you’re concerned about any of the following ailments, it’s worthwhile to consider adding more magnesium to your regimen.


Inflammation refers to the body’s natural response to harmful foreign substances. It occurs when white blood cells are activated to fight off bacteria and viruses. A similar process can also occur in your arteries and blood vessels. Consuming too many processed sugars and refined carbohydrates replicates this process in the bloodstream. While inflammation is the body’s mechanism to defend itself, it also indicates too many toxins and too few nutrients. Scientists now believe that chronic inflammation is a key component of ailments like heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Luckily, magnesium has been found to actively combat the buildup of inflammation. A study found a correlation between increased magnesium intake, and the reduction of a certain liver protein typically indicative of an inflammatory response. Working to limit or reduce inflammation in the body is one of the best things you can do to avoid serious diseases. Understandably, those with inflammation can combine magnesium complex with dark green vegetables to manage their symptoms.

High Blood Pressure 

While high blood pressure can have a number of causes, there is evidence to suggest that adequate magnesium intake can lower your risk. In the body, calcium and magnesium perform a sort of dance. Calcium is partly responsible for the tightening and constricting of blood vessels as the heart pumps. Magnesium counteracts this effect by allowing the blood vessels to dilate or relax. Ensuring that you’re getting enough magnesium maintains the balance necessary for your cardiovascular system to thrive. If your diet is healthy and balanced. It is necessary that you’re getting the recommended quantity of magnesium. However, if you’re not getting enough fresh fruits, green vegetables, and lean meats, it is time to start adding them to your routine.


Migraines have long been associated with magnesium deficiency. Some theorize that this is because magnesium has positive interactions with brain chemicals that regulate mood and register pain. Others believe that this is related to magnesium’s effect on blood vessels, arguing that inadequate magnesium intake contributes to constricted vessels in the brain. If those vessels do not relax as they should, chronic pain, blurry vision, and nausea could occur.

So many of the health issues Americans face are lifestyle-related. Once you know this, it becomes that much easier to take control of your health and be that much closer to looking, feeling, and living as well as possible. There are plenty of steps you can take, and a touch of magnesium could very well be the start.






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3 Ways Magnesium Might Improve Your Health

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