4 Steps to Take If You Suspect You Have an STI

4 Steps to Take If You Suspect You Have an STI : In most cases, people often find themselves in situations they had not planned for. One of the unfortunate events you can get yourself in is dealing with an STI. Sexually Transmitted Infections come as a result of practicing unsafe sex. This is regardless of whether you have one or more partners. However, the good thing is that they are treatable and do not have adverse effects as long as they are treated during their early stages.

London Clinic will help you deal with such infections, but you need to know what to do first. If you had unprotected sex and you suspect you have contracted an STI, here are crucial steps to take.

  1. Start by Practicing Safe Sex

    The first thing you need to do when you suspect you have an STI is to protect yourself and your partner from being infected further. If you already have a sexual partner, try to avoid spreading the infection further. Talking to your partner and avoiding sex might not work for now. However, practicing safe sex will be vital at this point. Even though you might think that your partner is already exposed to the STI, playing safe sex is still advisable. This is because not all infections are transmitted the first time you have sex.

  2. Go for Testing

    Don’t stay in doubt. The next thing you should do to stop worrying is to find out if you have the infection or not. Getting tested is the best way to ascertain if you have an STI. Remember, you cannot be sure about it by the symptoms or the picture you see on the internet. Go to a clinic or see a health care provider. While at it, tell the partners why you think you have contracted an STI. Tell them the period you have stayed in suspicion and let them know when you were last tested. You might be tested and asked to come back for another test for accurate results.

  3. Tell your Partner/ Partners About

    If you test positive for STI, it is vital to tell your sexual partner(s) about it. This way, they can go for testing and treatment too. Telling your partners about it might not be the most beautiful thing. So, you can find a way of telling them anonymously. The doctor may also help you to tell your partners about the STI and ask them to go for testing too.

  4. Start Treatment and Complete It

    If you have been diagnosed with an STI, it is crucial to start and complete your treatment even if you feel better already. Remember, not completing the treatment could lead to the development of infections resistant to antibiotics and this can make it hard to treat. If you have been diagnosed with HIV or HPV, these are incurable infections, and you will need to find a way of managing them. Make sure the care provider helps you to know how to manage the infection and yourself.


Getting an STI is not the end of everything. Even if you contract the incurable ones, there is still a way of enjoying a happy sex life as long as you know how to manage them. So, if you think you have an STI, take the steps discussed above to protect yourself and your partners.






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4 Steps to Take If You Suspect You Have an STI

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