5 Actionable Tips for Super-Busy Moms to Adopt a Fitness Routine

5 Actionable Tips for Super-Busy Moms to Adopt a Fitness Routine : Fitness and motherhood seldom fit together because time runs short for moms. Whether you have a newborn or a stubborn teenager, you may struggle to find time for yourself. Schedules get even more packed for working moms.

Statistics show that 70.6% of mothers with kids under 18 are in the American workforce. That means countless women failing to follow fitness goals.

Besides not getting time to exercise, you may often fall for binge eating. Most moms do not have regular meal times and end up skipping breakfast. Not paying attention to your fitness can affect your health sooner rather than later. It is time to stop using time constraints as an excuse and get your exercise routine on track.

Here are a few actionable tips to adopt a fitness routine as a super-busy mom.

Set Realistic Goals

Research shows that only 45.5% of working mothers in the US meet the recommended guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate exercise. Fewer women engage in strenuous workouts. You may struggle even as a stay-at-home mom if you have a baby or toddler to look after. Exercise seems impossible amid the endless daily chores.

Consider starting small with realistic goals to get moving in the first place. Acknowledge your limitations to create a schedule that works for you. For example, you can walk thrice a week instead of going for daily gym sessions. Doing a quick home workout after a busy day is far more achievable than driving to the gym. Virtual personal training for women is an excellent idea for super-busy moms.

Fit Fiona J. recommends virtual training to overcome obstacles and reach your goals, regardless of time constraints. Virtual training offers a range of options, from strength training to dance cardio and Barre classes. You can personalize your sessions according to your preferences and goals.

Try Quick and Effective Workouts

Besides setting realistic goals, super-busy moms should try quick and effective workout routines to achieve more with less. For example, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions provide a full-body workout with only 15 to 30 minutes. Pilates and yoga are excellent choices for improving strength and flexibility.

You can discuss these workout options with your personal trainer for the best plan to match your needs. Look for a virtual platform offering guided HIIT sessions to be consistent with them. You can join the activity according to your convenience, such as after putting your kids to sleep or before they wake up.

Include Exercise in Daily Activities

As a super-busy mom, you may not have enough room to add a daily workout plan to your routine. But you shouldn’t sweat about it because you can actually achieve your fitness goal without a formal plan. Integrating exercise into daily activities is the best way, whether you are a working woman or a stay-at-home mom.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, enjoy short walks during your lunch break, and stroll around the office corridors. At home, you can do lunges while cooking and squats while brushing your teeth. Play with your kids, take your dog for a walk, and exercise with your partner. You can invest in a fitness tracker to monitor your activity levels.

Find a Fitness Buddy

Adherence to workout plans is often below par, even for the most committed fitness enthusiasts. A survey showed that the overall rate of adherence to the physical activity programs was only 77%.  It may drop even lower for busy moms juggling family and work commitments simultaneously. You start full throttle and fizzle out after a few weeks.

Finding a fitness buddy is the best solution to address the non-adherence problem. You can ask your partner or a young child to be a part of your exercise plan. Even better, look for a like-minded mom going through similar struggles. You can motivate each other and foster healthy competition to stick to your goals and plans

Practice Self-Care

Fitness is not just about losing weight or shedding inches to gain your dream shape. It is also about holistic well-being, specifically if you are a super-busy mom dealing with countless chores and endless stress daily. Integrate self-care activities into your fitness schedule.

For example, try a few minutes of deep breathing and meditation before starting your cardio workout. A relaxing bath after your session can be rejuvenating. Also, adopt healthy eating goals and commit to a regular sleep-wake cycle. Focusing on self-care can help you with time management and drive motivation.


A fitness routine should not be out of reach for busy moms, no matter how long their daily checklists are. If you struggle to find time for a workout schedule, start with small and practical steps first and capitalize on the momentum once you gain it. Virtual personal training can be a game-changer you can rely on to take you toward your fitness goals.




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5 Actionable Tips for Super-Busy Moms to Adopt a Fitness Routine

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