5 Easy Ways for a Quick Weight Loss

5 Easy Ways for a Quick Weight Loss : The term ‘weight loss’ means the loss in the number of stored calories from your body by high interval training, cardio exercises, or by some other means like in some disease condition also eg- diarrhea, pneumonia, etc..

In today’s world, in the growing population people doesn’t take care of themselves, peoples don’t care for their diet and hygiene, which sometimes make them suffer from increased cholesterol, fat, obesity, increased blood pressure like conditions in their body and they can get fitness tips from here www.fitnessdoc.net

What everybody assumes that rigorous exercise and extreme dieting is the only way to achieve weight loss. These ways are definitely the options, but in excess may cause hazards to body. There are many other ways to lose weight without working out, for quick and permanent weight loss you need to optimise your calorie intake, consumption and storage.

To save peoples from these conditions below are 5 easy ways for a quick weight loss:

  1. Drink water

    Water is very essential in maintaining the weight of the body, makes body hydrated, and especially in the summer season, at least 4-5 litres of water should be consumed daily by a healthy individual.

    How water helps in losing weight?

    By drinking lukewarm water in the early morning before taking any meal, In the empty stomach the warm water speeds up the metabolism of the body and due to which there is easy elimination of wastes out of the body. Which contributes to a weight loss of the body.

    You can also add lemon in water for its antioxidant effect, take 2 times a day for better results.

  2. Regular exercises (cardio/weight training)

    Regular exercises are good for our bodies in maintaining their fit and in building muscles. Every individual should do at least 30 min Workout in a day. Whether it is cardio or weight training depends on the one doing the workout.

    How exercises (cardio/weight training) helps in reducing weight?

    While doing exercises on a daily basis, helps in cut off of fat from our muscles and makes our body lean and muscular, the only difference between cardio exercises and weight training is, the cardio is recommended for only weight loss in it you don’t gain more or big muscles, on the other hand, weight training includes high-intensity workout with dumbbells, rods with suitable weights.

    You can do both weight training and cardio for quick results in weight loss.

  3. Avoid processed foods

    We must avoid processed foods, as they are usually contain high amount of added sugars, saturated fats lots of calories, which our body tends to store, causing weight gain.

    The tickling and figure licking taste of processed foods make to eat more than your need and causes effects like addictive eating.

    Therefore, processed foods leading to an increase in weight of the body, So for weight loss we should avoid taking too much-processed food.

  4. Include snacks and healthy food in your diet (proteins)

    Proteins are best way to avoid fat. Food kept at home which is easily available to eat greatly effects your eating habits and weight gain. Try to keep healthy food choices rich in protein instead of saturated fats that are easily approachable to you and your family members to avoid unhealthy eating.

    Quick, light and tasty snacks rich in protein are always the best option to take with you on the go and keep you feeling full for long hours.

    Include raw vegetables and fruits more in your diet. These may also include yogurt, whole fruit, nuts, carrots, and hard-boiled eggs, which maintain the weight of the body.

  5. Limit the sugar consumption

    Extra sugar intake is one the most leading factor for weight gain and many diseases like type-2 diabetes, including heart disease and cancer.

    As our body produces insulin and other hormones to process sugar intake and these hormones are produced on fixed pattern and amount. Since there is a limit of our body to process sugar intake, the extra added intake causes unprocessed sugar to get deposit in the form of fat in the body.

    The large amount of sugar that we consume is hidden in various processed foods, fatty snacks, fried foods, candies or packaged fruit juices that we are consuming without even realising it.

    It is very important to know that how much sugar a product contains. The ingredients contained in the foods may also contain sugar separately that are not mentioned on labels.

    You are advised to look into the nutrition labels properly, before consuming any boxed contents and to watch out for sugar contents and calories it contains.

    Better to avoid such foods which are high in sugar contents.


This article aims to provide beneficial and effective information on how you can reduce your weight with no efforts just by changing some habits and by following a good routine. Brief information to major routines includes these are- Drink water, Regular exercises, avoid processed food, Include snacks and healthy foods in your diet and Limit the sugar consumption.






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5 Easy Ways for a Quick Weight Loss

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