5 Essential Tips to Help You Care for A Baby with Sensitive Skin

5 Essential Tips to Help You Care for A Baby with Sensitive Skin : There is often no single reason why some babies have sensitive skin, while others don’t. Sometimes, it’s an ingredient allergy, while other times, the problem can be environmental or chemical. Whatever the reason for an infant having sensitive skin, there’s one thing for sure: it’s not comfortable for anyone involved.

Frustrated parents, read on. Here are some helpful hints that might be of assistance to get you through:

Use Quality Products

Everything from the best nappy rash cream to the best laundry detergent should be considered for families with children with sensitive skin. There’s no substitute for quality, and even spending just a few more dollars on a reputable sensitive skin product can result in healthy, healed skin on your baby.

Be on the lookout for that ‘sensitive skin’ labeling on any product you buy. It also helps if you do your homework to find out what other parents’ experiences are with a particular product.

Short and Sweet

Bath time is often a chance for parents to bond with their babies and have a bit of fun with bath toys. However, for babies with sensitive skin, bath time should be kept short and sweet. Long, hot baths can remove lipids from your baby’s skin.

Bathwater should also be kept at around skin temperature of 93-96 degrees, and no warmer than 99 degrees.

Once bathtime is over, gently dry your baby with a soft and skin-friendly towel, before dressing them in soft, breathable layers. Special baby towels are available for purchase at most baby stores.

Moisturize Daily

Most adults moisturize their skin as part of their regular morning routine, but did you know that your babies need moisturizer as much as you?

Summer sun, cold and dry winter air, and home heating can all dry an infant’s skin, which can cause uncomfortable skin irritation. Talk to your local skincare specialist about the best infant moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Factor in Fabrics

The weather can play a significant role in your baby’s skin sensitivity, but so too can their clothing, bedding, and blankets. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for a baby’s skin, you can buy baby clothes online from Domiamia because it’s easy to clean and will keep their temperature regulated.

However, jersey knit, wool, and similar soft and breathable fabrics can also keep discomfort to a minimum. According to studies, wool can also help you sleep better, which is something both parents and babies will appreciate.

Thermoregulating clothing is another option. They’re designed to be worn all year round so they can keep your baby warm during winter and cool during summer. For babies who are hot sleepers, pajamas that are thermoregulating can help them feel more comfortable and sleep more soundly.

Sun Protection

Getting out and about in the sunshine is beneficial for the mental health and sanity of new parents, but is it all that beneficial for the baby? Whether you’re going for a stroll in the park or to the beach, it’s crucial to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from sunshine.

Use baby-appropriate sunscreen, but only once they are at least six months old. The best sunscreen will be of the broad-spectrum variety with an SPF rating of at least 30. Reapply it once every two hours, or more if they are going to be splashing around in the water.

You can also protect your baby’s sensitive skin by keeping them in the shade as much as possible, putting a hat and sunglasses on them, and dressing them in clothing that protects their skin from the elements.

Caring for a baby with sensitive skin can be hard work, but it’s crucial. A baby with sore, cracked skin can often be quite uncomfortable. The sooner you start using sensitive skin-friendly products, the quicker your baby’s delicate skin can heal.







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5 Essential Tips to Help You Care for A Baby with Sensitive Skin

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