5 Facets of Designing Timeless Custom Flags

5 Facets of Designing Timeless Custom Flags : When it comes to designing a custom flag for your business or storefront placement, there are a dizzying array of designs, colors, motifs, imagery, and patterns you may come across. As a result, it can be challenging to explore and identify what will make an ideal flag for you to represent your values and attract your customers genuinely.

Above all, creating a custom flag that you can fly from a commercial flagpole is a fantastic way to establish your brand image, and therefore there are some steps that you need to take to ensure that your flag gets your business noticed for all the right reasons.

In this article, we are trying to explore the five top things you need to consider making your custom flag classy and timeless.

  1. Keep a simplistic design

    To make your flag acceptable, it is ideal to have a simple design, which can play cool on the viewers. Flags that are complex and with too many graphics may make it more confusing and complicated for the viewers to understand what it tries to convey. Complexity will not only make your flag unattractive but can also less memorable to the spectators. For example, look at the US flag; it only consists of two design elements: stripes and stars. Same as US flag are Rebel flags, that too with customised elements and messages over them, we found some good rebel flags for sale.

  2. Usage of meaningful and memorable imagery

    The next important facet to making timeless custom flags for your business or brand promotion is to bring in some meaningful imagery into it. Simply put, you can use patterns, designs, motifs on the flag, which must convey a positive message to the onlookers as to what it is representing. You can see the definitions of the representation of the colors and images on the nation’s flags, right? Similarly, it would help if you defined your custom flag as to what message you want to convey through it, which should also be visually conveyed to the first-time spectator in the same way as you wish.

  3. Use only two or a maximum of three colors

    Distinctive patterns are easily noticeable while considering which flags are most memorable and recognizable to the spectators. You may notice that the most memorable flags only feature two to a maximum of three colors in the design. While considering such flags of the countries, you can see Canada, the USA, India, and many other flags. However, there are also flags featuring more than four colors, which are less recognizable and memorable over time.

  4. Use simple text

    Similar to graphics and colors use don custom flags, it is also important to consider the script for your custom flag. Try to keep it minimalistic and simple for easy recognition. Classic flags that feature lettering may have common things as the words are usually simple and easily understandable. Classy flats do not tend to use any overcomplicated text, fonts, styling features, or anything which may make it too difficult to read the text.

  5. Familiar and distinct

    Above all these, all the timeless custom flags you may notice may also have another thing in common. A distinctive design and a soothing familiarity with the lives of the viewers which communicate with them. You need to try and personify your custom flags to evoke an emotional bond with the customers and attract them.

Consider all these factors while making your custom flags and come up with your most winning choices.






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5 Facets of Designing Timeless Custom Flags

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