5 Major Side Effects of African Waist Beads

5 Major Side Effects of African Waist Beads : African Waist Beads are very popular among women as they are beautiful and affordable. The women prefer to wear waist beads for their amazing benefits and the African waist beads do offer benefits but there are some Disadvantages of waist beads that nobody wants to talk about.

The waist beads give a good shape to your body and also improve your posture. On the other hand, the waist beads can cause discomfort if you have a sensitive skin. The crystals and stones of African waist beads can hurt or injure after breaking.

5 Major Side Effects of African Waist Beads

The women in African societies wear waist beads to follow their tradition. They consider waist beads as a part of their culture and nobody ask if they want to wear waist beads or if they are comfortable with them. Now, I will explain some side effects of African waist beads that you should know before you choose a set of African waist beads for yourself.

  1. Discomfort and Irritation:

    The African women wear waist beads on bare skin and keep them on 24×7. Not all women are comfortable to tie waist beads around their waistline throughout the day. The African waist beads can cause discomfort if the beads are heavy or if the waist beads don’t stay in place.

    Some women have a sensitive skin that may get allergic reaction due to firmly tied waist beads on the waist. Such women may feel irritation due to waist beads which will force them to take the waist beads off. If you have skin allergy issues then you should not wear African waist beads on bare skin but over the clothes.

  2. Bacterial Infection:

    The African waist beads add more beauty to your body but you need to clean the waist beads regularly. If you keep the waist beads on 24×7 then you should clean them everyday otherwise the waist beads will have bacteria, fungus and other infectious stuff.

    The waist beads look beautiful on your body but you have to maintain hygiene to prevent bacteria buildup caused by sweat and dirt. The bacteria can cause skin infection, irritation, itching and skin diseases.

  3. Interrupt Workout:

    Most women wear African waist beads firmly around their waist and stomach. It helps to keep body awareness and weight control but the firm fitting also interrupts your workout session. When you do different exercises, the waist beads will not allow you to make intense physical movements.

    The waist beads are firmly fit on your body and may break during an intense workout session. So, the women who do intense workout, should wear waist beads a bit loose to prevent interruption during workout.

  4. Entangle with Long Hair:

    The women with long hair need to take care of their waist beads every morning. The waist beads often get entangled with long hair and damage the hair. Not only that, it is difficult to separate the hair and waist beads when they are twisted together. Such situation can either damage your hair or break the waist beads.

  5. Need to Adjust Frequently:

    The African waist beads stay firmly on your waist and don’t stretch or shrink with your body size. It means that you need to adjust the waist beads whenever you lose some weight or gain some weight. In case you lose some weight and don’t adjust the waist beads, the waist beads will start slipping from your waist.

In this way, the African waist beads are useful for women but they also have some side effects that I have explained here. After knowing the side effects of African waist beads, you should wear your waist beads in a way to avoid all side effects in future.





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5 Major Side Effects of African Waist Beads

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