5 Reasons to Stop Vaping Right Now!

5 Reasons to Stop Vaping Right Now!
5 Reasons to Stop Vaping Right Now!

5 Reasons to Stop Vaping Right Now! If you have a vape, you’re not alone! These little nifty devices are practically a fashion statement when it comes to millennials and anyone who is trying to quit smoking. You’ll see practically everyone walking around with a small device, blowing smoke clouds around and having a good time. Vaping has even been known to have certain benefits for women!

However, there is a much darker side to vaping culture and it’s one you should be aware of. Vapes like Juul have come under fire for being harmful to the kids who are using them. A Juul Lawsuit has become commonplace now, what with so many people wanting to sue the company for creating health hazards for them and their community. Read on to find out why you should quit vaping right away.

In Sickness and No Breath

Vaping can cause a lot of lung-related illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Symptoms of these include anything from coughing to shortness of breath, random chest pains, nausea, fatigue, stomach pain, and vomiting. There is no reason to put your lungs and respiratory system through this torture over a fun smoking device. You should quit it now before you develop a serious problem down the road.

Addicted to Danger

Vaping is an extremely addictive activity. Once you start adding nicotine to your vape flavor, you will find yourself wanting to get the buzz all the time. Just because vape flavors have fun names, doesn’t mean you should do them. Companies use this trick to market nicotine to young vapers to get them started early. Vaping is a short road to picking up a serious and damaging nicotine addiction down the road.

Non-Regulation Puffs

Vape liquid and vaping, in general, are not a government-regulated activity. This means that companies are under no obligation to disclose what goes into their vape liquid. You could be inhaling all sorts of super poisonous chemicals for all you know. With no FDA to ban illegal or harmful ingredients, your lungs could be irreparably damaged by this activity. You should leave vaping especially because you don’t know what you’re putting into your body.

Vaping Leads to Smoking

Even though vaping was introduced as an alternative to smoking and marketed to heavy smokers, it’s working the opposite way. People who have never touched cigarettes find themselves getting attracted to the nicotine component found in vaping liquids. Eventually, they might leave vaping and get hooked on cigarettes instead. Cigarettes are even worse because they contain tobacco and tar, two seriously toxic ingredients for your lungs.

Alternatives to Vaping

There are much better alternatives for if you want to quit smoking. You can pick up a healthier activity like use nicotine patches or use nicotine gum to help you get through the day initially. You could also go cold turkey but this might be super tough to do unless you have a lot of willpower, to begin with. Vaping might not be the lesser of two evils. In fact, it could be just as evil as smoking itself.





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5 Reasons to Stop Vaping Right Now!

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