5 Reasons Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

5 Reasons Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter : We rely on the tags inside of our clothes to help us find the right clothing that fits us. While the numbers exist to assist us in finding the right fit, they have also become baselines for our self-worth, confidence and body image. But what if we told you that these numbers aren’t always accurate and that they change over time to skew sizing and fit?

Because of this, not only should you be relying less on the actual number on the clothing tag to reveal your true size, but you should also never place value on the number on the tag and how that relates to your self-worth. There are a variety of factors that play into clothing sizes and tags being inaccurate, but one of the biggest culprits of the changing sizes is vanity sizing. Vanity sizing is the practice of making clothing largerer while assigning it a smaller size over time. For example, the equivalent of a size 16 in the 1950s is now a size 8 today. This practice makes shopping for plus size clothing and finding the right size a nightmare, and it often has severe effects on a consumer’s confidence and happiness.

finding the right size
finding the right size

And that’s why we think it’s important to remove the importance and value we all place on the number on the tag and shift our view to how clothing actually fits. The next time you are shopping for a new wardrobe or trying on clothing in the fitting room, we want you to remind yourself of the many reasons why the clothing size doesn’t matter. There are far more important factors that come into play when you are shopping for a new look, so let’s shift our focus to that.

Reasons Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

Here are some of the reasons why size doesn’t matter when it comes to the clothes hanging up in your closet:

  1. Your Worth Isn’t Determined by Size

    We are currently in the middle of the body positivity movement, which prompts people of all shapes and sizes to embrace their body the way it is and find acceptance for themselves. This movement has really helped women to stop comparing themselves to unrealistic societal beauty standards while also helping remove worth from the size on the tag. Whether you’re a size 2 or a 26, the tag should not reflect your self-worth. If you find yourself cringing at the number on the tag, it may be time to explore why you feel that way, which will help you determine how you can view the tag for what it is: just a number.

  2. Clothing Sizes Are Different Everywhere

    It doesn’t matter which store you walk into or what size you wear, there is no standardization when it comes to sizing. This means that a size 2 at one store may be a size 4 or a size 0 at others. If you base your worth and confidence on the size of your clothing, it can be a rollercoaster to try to manage those feelings while shopping for clothing that ranges in sizing and fit. If you find yourself focusing on the size or turning away from a style that may be one size larger than your usual size, because that’s what fits, try to shift your mindset into how the clothing feels on your curves rather than the size.

  3. Comfort Is More Important than Size

    Comfort Is More Important than Size
    Comfort Is More Important than Size

    Would you rather wear jeans that are restrictive and too tight or a pair that hugs your curves just right and can be worn all day comfortably? Your answer is probably “comfort.” Who wants to feel like they are busting out of jeans and can’t wait to rip off their clothes as soon as they get home? No one. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on the feeling of the clothes you wear rather than the size. If your normal size isn’t comfortable, but the next size up is, opt for that size. While you may be upset at first that you have to go up a size, in the long run you will feel much happier with the comfortability of the larger size you chose.

  4. Measurements Are More Telling

    So much of our shopping is done online today, which can make finding the right size even harder. Luckily, most brands include a sizing guide that comes complete with a range of measurements that can help point you to your correlating size. If you find that there is a discrepancy between your measurements and the size that the brand offers, always go with your measurements. While you may be ordering a different size from what you’re used to, using your measurements will help ensure that you get the most precise fit.

  5. Size Is Just a Number

    Size Is Just a Number
    Size Is Just a Number

    The next time you find yourself placing a lot of value and worth on the size on the tag of your favorite plus size maxi dresses, ask yourself where that size came from? The answer: Who knows? There isn’t one person in the world who is in charge of assigning a size to every piece of garment. There are many different designers and fashion figures who determine sizing, and it isn’t standard across the board. The size on the tag is really just a number, and it should be used as a baseline to help guide you to a piece of clothing that hugs your curves just right. The next time you find yourself putting a lot of emphasis on the size, try to shift to the mindset that allows you to acknowledge that sizes are different everywhere, and we are dressing for comfort — not just to fit into a size that isn’t actually real.

Shopping for clothes today can be both harder and easier at the same time. Easier because there are more clothing brands and wider access to clothes now more than ever, but harder because it can be difficult finding and determining the right size every time. However, we hope this article allows you to see that the size of your clothing doesn’t matter nor determine your worth. It is simply there to help guide you to finding the perfect fit.





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5 Reasons Why Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

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