5 Teeth Whitening Remedies You Can Try at Home

5 Teeth Whitening Remedies You Can Try at Home : Changes to the color of your teeth can point to serious oral health issues. Even if the change is subtle, it still requires your full attention. That is why a sparkling smile is not only a visual pleasure, but a sign of great oral health.

  1. Curb the Habits

    Smoking and drinking coffee are habits that lead to a Bridgewater-Family-Dental consultation. These are two of the main habits that stain your teeth. Whether you do one or the other, the damage can be substantial. The list of foods that stain the teeth can also extend to red wine, curry, soda and some types of vinegar. Slowing down on food and drink that stains your teeth is a big deal, and will show great results when paired with a daily oral routine.

    Other habits that stain teeth include the following: Vaping (causes extra bacteria to form in the mouth), Tea (only black tea which will cause teeth yellowing), Red Wine (the acids cause discoloration when excessively consumed), Cola (breaks down the enamel) and Curry (in large amounts can stain teeth).

  2. Good Habits

    You already know about bad teeth habits, but what about the good ones? Flossing is an underrated way to whiten teeth. By getting rid of stuck food particles, your teeth will naturally look better. Imagine a piece of spinach resting between your canines for a few hours. No matter how white your teeth are, that spinach will take center stage whenever you smile. A lot of people don’t include daily flossing in their oral routine, and as a result they miss out on some major benefits.

    With all that said, improper flossing can cause just as much damage. Avoid flossing roughly, putting pressure on your gums, or flossing too fast. Don’t overdo it, as flossing a single time per day meets the recommended amount for a healthy mouth. When in doubt, watch a video on flossing tips to get a good idea of the trouble areas in your mouth.

  3. Buy Recommended Products

    Sometimes buying the cheapest products will get you the expected low-grade results. The type of toothpaste you purchase matters, especially when it comes to ingredients. Maintaining a white and vibrant smile may start with good habits, but you still need the tools to get the job done. Pay close attention to dentist recommended products and resources. There is a good reason these products are on the recommended list for professionals. If you plan to go in a different direction, check in with your dentist to see if the brand you want meets daily oral health needs.

    Products that are approved by the American Dental Association will bear the ADA seal logo in plain view. This is proof that the product in question meets or exceeds the product attributes of the ADA. The seal of acceptance matters as it gives consumers an honest opinion from a professionally accredited source.

  4. Fruits and Vegetables

    When it comes to your oral health, some foods are better for your teeth than others. Fruits and vegetables that are high in water content are great for keeping teeth healthy. And chew time with these foods will also contribute to saliva production. Think of saliva as a natural lubricant that works to remove food particles from your teeth. It will also dilute a lot of the harmful acids that wreak havoc on your enamel.

  5. Start Early

    Individuals are more likely to have whiter teeth if they started oral hygiene at an early age. This is a case of repetition becoming a daily part of the oral hygiene routine. It is never too late to get whiter teeth, but it certainly helps when it is hardcoded into your lifestyle.

    Children have the benefit of getting into a routine that seems like a natural part of their day. When paired with regular dental visits, you can expect great results.

    As children go into their teen years, these same oral hygiene lessons continue to grow. Teenagers that started early with teeth whitening repetition are more likely to have a healthier diet. That means their actual food preferences will be shaped based on the health of their teeth. It isn’t a big leap to see why starting early makes the most difference.

    An adult that has had a lifetime of bad teeth habits can still turn back the clock. Starting early also includes adults and seniors. It’s never too late to develop good oral hygiene habits, and is especially important for adults at an advanced age. As a child or teen, a cavity is an inconvenience. As an adult or senior, it is a dilemma.

    Start teeth whitening habits early, and avoid the later health debts you have to pay in life. Oral health can be generational with the right mindset!

Get Into a Routine

A routine is key to finding balance in your life. Remedies for whitening your teeth are not meant to be a shortcut to good oral health. Stay consistent, and your teeth will always look brand new.





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5 Teeth Whitening Remedies You Can Try at Home

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