5 Tips to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

5 Tips to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant : Being a ginger head is seriously no less than a blessing, you are unique, you look hot and you can always pull off a sexy look anytime, anywhere. A lot of people out there think that enduring their ginger hair is a burden to them, but science has completely different things to say about these people. In fact, science says that redheads are more likely to be happy in life and the color of their hair is actually a biological blessing.

On the other hand, there are people in this world who just wish that they were also born, but because that’s not possible for them, they look for other ways to make their hair look all red and copperish. That one other way to make your black hair turn red is the use of hair dyes. Now, putting on a red hair dye, maintaining it and trying to make it look vibrant is a whole lot of struggle. And to help you with all the red hair maintenance, today we are here with a few tips and suggestions that can make you flaunt your dyed hair just like you were born with that color.

  1. Ingredients matter a lot

    First of all, before any application, make sure to read the red hair dyes reviews because you cannot take any risks with the poor quality dyes out there as they can damage your hair. Check the ingredients, check the reviews and then make a final purchase decision. Moreover, buy those shampoos and conditioners that are labeled safe for color treated hair because you don’t want your hair color to fade away or bring out those uneven brassy tones.

  2. Reduce the use of water

    The more you expose your color treated hair to the water, the faster the color will fade away especially red. Try to use as less shampoo as you can and for your off days, get yourself a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are the best for people who dye their hair, this way the color stays there for a longer time period.

  3. Use cold water

    Now, you cannot completely avoid using water or washing your hair so what you can do is, use cold water to wash your hair. Yes, you read it right, cold water is the best for those who dye their hair red. A lot of people and bloggers out there will disagree with this statement but just try to put your head under cold water for a while, and we assure you that you will feel more alive than ever before.

  4. Don’t overlap

    If you want to color your hair again then make sure to wash off all the previous dye before doing that because overlapping the color can cause over-darkening and uneven results so it’s pretty important to wash the dye before applying the new one or just put the new dye on the regrown hair only.

  5. Protect your hair from the Sun

    Sun and the UV rays coming out of it are never healthy, not for the skin and not for the hair too. Especially if you are someone who wants her hair dye to stay there for a longer time then you need to avoid too much contact of Sun with your hair. And if not that then wear a hat every time you go out on a sunny day. This will keep the dye there for a long time, and your hair will also stay protected from the dangerous UV rays.



These are a few tips and suggestions that can help you make your red hair look all shiny, silky and vibrant. Use these tips and make sure to use a quality dye and then see the results for yourself.


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5 Tips to Keep Your Red Hair Vibrant

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