5 Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements As A Woman

5 Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements As A Woman
5 Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements As A Woman

5 Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements As A Woman : Getting enough protein into your nutrition plan is vital for recovering from exercise such as CrossFit or yoga, aiding weight loss, and generally maintaining good health.

For most women, it is recommended that they eat 50 grams of protein per day, which is very easily done. However for those taking part in hard exercise, and those looking either for weight loss or hypertrophy, significantly more may be needed.

This is harder to do. If you weigh 60kg, that’s up to 120g per day, more than twice what most women need.

Luckily, there are some easy hacks that will help you to fill out the protein portion of your nutrition program with little fuss. We’ve collected five of them below to help you out.

  1. Eggs for breakfast

    Many people default to breakfast cereals or toast in the mornings. These are notorious for being low in protein and for being largely made up of poor quality, processed, fast digesting carbohydrates. Although porridge or oatmeal will be made from good quality, slow burning carbs, it’s still filling you up whilst barely denting your protein intake.

    Three large eggs will give you nearly 20 grams of protein. Try them boiled, scrambled, poached or fried, accompanied by a slice of toast and a good fat source like avocado.

    Protein increases feelings of satiation, keeping you fuller for longer, making this kind of breakfast for those on calorically restricted diets, looking for weight loss.

  2. Include protein in your salads

    If you want a fast, low calorie way to pack in plenty of fruit and veg, salads are always a good option. However, they are mostly carbohydrate based, and are notorious for not filling you up, making them a slightly poor nutrition option for weight loss.

    Try adding a good quality protein source. This will both increase satiation and buff your daily protein intake.

    50g of any of the ingredients below will give you the following protein amounts:

    • Chicken or turkey breast:15 grams
    • Tuna: 13 grams
    • Salmon: 12 grams
    • Cheese: 11 grams
    • Chickpeas: 5 grams
  3. Cheat your snacks and use cottage cheese

    Instead of reaching for sweet yoghurts or dips, go for cottage cheese. You can get it plain or flavoured with herbs or fruit (pineapple is a bit of a favourite), and you will get 25 grams of protein for every cup (225 gram) serving. This will only give you 220 calories, whilst it is incredibly filling, making it perfect for weight loss.

  4. Make sure every meal is protein rich

    If you include a good source of protein with each meal, it will naturally be easier to fill up your daily quota, of course. However, nutrient timing can also be important, especially if you are looking for hypertrophy or weight loss. You want small portions of protein at regular intervals throughout the day.

    Aim for around 20-30 grams of protein at every meal, spaced over 3-4 meals.

    Of course, this will likely leave you slightly short of your overall goal, which leads us to our final point:

  5. Use protein shakes

    Protein shakes
    Protein shakes

    Protein shakes cannot be underestimated. If you want a high protein intake, you need to be using them.

    Firstly, it should be noted that protein shakes are supplements. They are there to supplement a strong, well-rounded nutrition plan, so don’t rely on them too much.

    However, they are usually made from good quality ingredients like whey or soy, they give you highly concentrated doses of protein, meaning for protein for fewer calories, and they are super easy and convenient.





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5 Ways To Meet Your Daily Protein Requirements As A Woman

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