6 Practical Gift Ideas For A Housewarming Party

6 Practical Gift Ideas For A Housewarming Party : Wine, food, and flowers tend to be the go-to housewarming gifts. But if you want to give your friend something that will leave a lasting impression, your best bet is to come up with a practical yet stylish gift that will make them smile every time they use it. From beautiful cookware sets to the gift of caffeination, here are six brilliant and practical presents to help warm any home.

1. Cookware

Your friends likely just lugged all their old kitchenware with them to their new digs. However, the new start they’ve made for themselves will feel so much fresher if the kitchen is stocked with a shiny new cookware set. This is an indulgence to which we rarely treat ourselves, making a housewarming party the perfect opportunity to give your friends the gifts of good health and a more enjoyable kitchen experience.

2. Gift Baskets

Set the right celebratory mood for your friend’s housewarming party with a beautiful gift basket specially customised to suit your friend’s preference or personality. Surely, you will find the perfect gift basket to bring for a housewarming present, such as the one filled with a six-pack of craft beer paired with gourmet snacks for your beer lover friend or the spa essentials gift basket for your hardworking friend to pamper herself with or the specially curated gift baskets of fruits or chocolates or cheese or wine and many others, all depending on what you know your friend will surely love to have!

3. Aromatherapy

There’s always a sense of unfamiliarity with new homes, so much of which lies in the strange smell of the place. This can be subconsciously off-putting as you adjust to the new environment. Candles and oil diffusers can do wonders to banish the empty-house smell and fill the space with comfort. You’ll need to subtly figure out the kind of scents your friend prefers first. If you get it right, your gift will help them feel like the new space is truly theirs.

4. Eco-friendly gear

A new chapter can often be the catalyst for broader lifestyle changes. Sometimes, a fresh environment can be all a person or family needs for them to review the way they do things. Help them out by investing in some enviro-swag for them to review their ecological footprint. Think beautifully designed reusable shopping bags, reusable coffee mugs, metal or bamboo straws, a hamper of environmentally friendly cleaning products, or even a subscription to an eco-friendly toilet paper delivery service!

5. The gift of life

Plantlife that is! Now, for this to be a truly practical gift, you’ll need to do a bit of research first and figure out which are the most low-maintenance house plants. To boost the practicality levels even further, consider adding a cute laminated card with simple care instructions and a list of all the health benefits of keeping plants in your living space. Your friend will be touched at how much you care about their wellbeing.

6. Tea or coffee?

Is your friend is a coffee fiend or tea fanatic? Their new home will feel that much more like a sanctuary if you bring in the perfect machinery to cater to their caffeination needs. Coffee lovers will adore a shiny new coffee machine, while tea lovers will be thrilled with a beautiful tea set and collection of high-quality teas.

Apart from these 6 practical gift options you can also offer services like :

Produce or meal delivery

If your friends have made a big move with lots of things to get in order, the first few weeks will be mayhem for them. This is especially the case if there are new jobs, new schools for the kids, and other complications involved. Depending on your budget, you can get them a subscription to a produce box or healthy meal delivery service for the first few months they’re in the new place. This will take so much pressure off by saving time and energy on grocery shopping or cooking. Just be sure you know their dietary requirements before committing to this gift.


A bottle of wine will certainly go down well on the night of the party. However, a thoughtful, practical housewarming gift will leave your friends with far better memories, and no hangover the next day!






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6 Practical Gift Ideas For A Housewarming Party

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