6 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Naturally

6 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Naturally : Struggling with infertility can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Although there are several treatments to help enhance your fertility, there are several lifestyle modifications you can do to help you boost your chances naturally.

Between your diet, physical activity, and your menstrual cycle, there are several surprising factors you might be consuming and doing that can decrease your chances of conceiving. So to help you get pregnant, below are six easy tips you can consider incorporating into your daily routine.

  1. Modify your diet

    A well-balanced diet is important for a healthy body, but it’s even more essential if you’re trying to get pregnant. That’s why you need to consume foods that contain various vitamins and minerals that can help support your productive health.To help you enhance your fertility naturally, here are a few superfoods you should consider incorporating into your diet:

      • Eggs
      • Oily fish
      • Nuts and seeds
      • Full-fat dairy
      • Yams
      • Beef liver
      • Goji berries

    In contrast, you should consider avoiding food rich in trans fats and refined carbohydrates since these can have a negative effect on your insulin and blood sugar levels. Since constant spikes on them can lead you to produce less reproductive hormones, decreasing your chances of getting pregnant.

  2. Take your vitamins

    Aside from modifying your diet, it’s also a good idea to add essential vitamins to your diet to help you conceive naturally.

    For instance, Vitamin B6 supports the production of the female sex hormone and helps regulate estrogen and progesterone. Vitamin E improves hormone function for women and enhances sperm quality for men. Vitamin C stimulates ovulation in women while it increases sperm count and mobility in men.

    If you can, find food rich in these vitamins to incorporate into your daily meals, but getting them from supplements is also a good substitute.

  3. Reduce your caffeine intake

    Some of you may be unable to function if you don’t have your caffeine fix first thing in the morning, but as much as you love your cup of joe, decreasing your intake can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

    One older study found that fertile women drinking more than 500 mg of caffeine a day took longer to get pregnant compared to women who drank less. However, recent studies show that there is no correlation between drinking caffeine and infertility.

    But to keep it safe, you should still consider limiting your coffee intake to one to two cups a day while trying to get pregnant.

  4. Get to know your cycle

    Your period may not be the most exciting part of the month, but it’s important to be in sync with your cycle if you’re trying to conceive.

    Your ovulation period is the best time to try to get pregnant because that’s when you’re the most fertile. That’s because your luteinizing hormone stimulates the release of your egg, and your cervical mucus feels more slippery, increasing the chances of sperm making their way to your egg.

    You can track your menstrual cycle through a period-tracking app or use an ovulation prediction kit to help you determine when is the best time for intercourse.

  5. Start exercising

    If you’re not the type to go to the gym, maybe it’s time to reconsider when you’re trying to get pregnant. Since exercising can help stimulate ovulation and increase the production of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. If you’re overweight, it also helps you get into a healthy weight to help promote regular menstrual cycles.

    If you’re not used to being active, slowly incorporate it into your routine so your body can get used to the movement. However, make sure to stick to light to moderate exercises, like yoga or running, since excessive and high-intensity workouts can have a negative effect on your fertility.

  6. Acupuncture

    It’s hard to believe that inserting small needles into your skin can affect your fertility. However, acupuncture has shown positive results in overcoming infertility issues in women by:

    • Balancing your hormones and reducing premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    • Stimulating your progesterone production
    • Promoting ovulation
    • Controlling inflammation
    • Increasing blood circulation to your organs
    • Normalizing menstrual cycle for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and other hormonal conditions
    • Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles

Its relaxing effects also help you de-stress, lowering hormonal changes due to stress that can hinder your chances of getting pregnant.

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6 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Naturally

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