7 Seasonal Investment Pieces for Your Wardrobe

7 Seasonal Investment Pieces for Your Wardrobe
7 Seasonal Investment Pieces for Your Wardrobe

7 Seasonal Investment Pieces for Your Wardrobe : By now, most of us have heard about capsule wardrobes: interchangeable pieces of clothing that fit well and look fantastic. We tend to think of spring as a time for clearing out the old – but summer is also a great opportunity to give our wardrobe a rethink, especially if it’s bursting at the hinges with clothes you no longer enjoy or wear.

The ideal capsule pieces should be  durable (enough to withstand repeat wear), so consider adding a few high quality, designer women’s clothing staples to your collection. Some items can be worn year-round, while others are more seasonal. Here is our guide to seven classic summer pieces that go with everything:

  1. A Cotton Dress

    When the idea of wearing anything on your legs brings you out in a sweat, a breathable, cotton sundress is ideal, whether plain or printed: florals may not be groundbreaking, but for summer they are a classic, along with stripes and polka dots.

  2. A Button-down Shirt

    Slung casually over a bathing suit at the beach or tucked into a pair of jeans, a crisp white or pale blue shirt is the epitome of summer cool, both in terms of style and temperature. Choose a slightly looser fit in linen or cotton.

  3. A Bathing Suit

    A simple, one-piece swimsuit in a flattering cut isn’t just for the beach or pool: on warmer days you can also wear it like a fitted body under jeans or a flowing maxi skirt: just go for a matte finish that looks more like a top that you’d wear everyday.

  4. A Plain T-Shirt

    Not the most exciting of clothing purchases (but important nonetheless), the humble tee is another wardrobe multitasker that goes with practically everything: whatever you pair yours with, pick a neutral color, and make sure it’s good quality: no frayed hems or flimsy fabric.

  5. Lighter Denim

    In the height of summer, let your legs breathe with a lighter weave, a paler color and a looser cut. Mid-rise flatters most figures, while in terms of cut, decide whether you want to add structure (straight or wide legs) or curves (flared jeans; shorts).

  6. Hardworking Shoes

    Blistering heat means blistered feet and unsightly tan-lines. This year, forgo strappy heels in favor of something a little more solid. A chunky, flat sandal goes with absolutely everything and looks fab in either a light neutral shade or a versatile metallic.

  7. A Light Jacket

    Depending on where you are in the world, some days may be cooler than others – and on those days, you need a light jacket. Whether you opt for a swishy duster coat or something a little more structured, choose a breathable fabric and a waterproof coating if the summers tend to bring the rain.


Avoid trends and instead choose simple, classic pieces you can tweak according to what suits you best. In addition, consider a color palette, rather than a randomly-chosen selection of hues so you’ll always be coordinated.

Most of all, have fun; capsule items are foundational pieces intended to help you build a wardrobe of items that reflect your unique personality and style. For summer, this should consist of easy, breezy pieces you don’t have to think about too much, so you can get on with enjoying the fine weather.




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7 Seasonal Investment Pieces for Your Wardrobe

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