7 Surprising Benefits of Regular Massage

It's Called Therapy for a Reason

7 Surprising Benefits of Regular Massage
7 Surprising Benefits of Regular Massage

7 Surprising Benefits of Regular Massage : When you think of getting a massage, you may just think of it as the ultimate form of pampering or relaxation. Many of us turn to massage therapy to help combat stress or practice self-care.

But there’s a reason this practice is referred to as therapy and it’s not just because it makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Actually, there are many health benefits of regular massage that go far beyond luxurious self-pampering.

Whether you’re receiving a foot massage from a loved one or spending an hour getting a deep tissue rub, your body will benefit in more ways than one.

Keep these health benefits in mind next time you are debating whether to invest in regular massage therapy.

Boosts Immunity

One of the more unknown benefits of regular massage therapy is its positive effect on your immune system. According to this study, individuals who received an hour-long Swedish massage had a healthier blood composition afterward.

Swedish massage involves a technique of long, deep circular movements that move blood towards the heart. The result of the study showed that through this technique, the natural proteins found within blood increased.

These proteins help aid the body in fighting against all sorts of illnesses, including viral infections, tumors, and pathogens. So by partaking in a regular practice of massage you are increasing your body’s ability to fight off sickness.

Reduces Pain

If you’ve ever received a massage, even at home, then you know how great it feels on areas you may be experiencing muscle pain or soreness. The reason for this is a bit deeper than you may realize.

Actually, barehanded massage activates the same area of your brain as painkillers. If you are experiencing pain within your body, getting a massage will help to reduce that pain in multiple ways. By reducing muscle stiffness you are creating a room within your body to relax and release unwanted tension.

But also by activating this pain regulating area of your brain you are also relieving pain on a neural level. These two combined makes massage a great natural pain killer.

Alleviates Muscle Strain

Many of us sit at a computer or desk all day. In fact, 86% of Americans work at a desk. And without realizing it, by spending a lot of time typing, or even texting, we are adding strain to many of the muscles in our arms and back.

Our forearms, in particular, tend to be overly strained in today’s tech-focused world. By focusing massage therapy on these areas, you are able to release some of this strain which will help to prevent future injury.

Neuromuscular massage techniques along with other types of massage services, work to heal the root problem of your muscle strain to help combat the constant sitting. Visit the site for more massage therapy services.

Improves Circulation

The constant flow of circulating blood throughout your body requires a lot of energy and hard work. Many massage techniques are specifically designed to help push the blood around and aid your body in this process.

This allows your hard-working muscles to relax and rejuvenate so that after your massage has ended you experience an improvement in circulation. With improved circulation also comes better functioning in your organs, improved cellular growth, and even healthier skin.

Helps You Sleep

One of the many reasons so many individuals suffer from insomnia is due to the amount of tension held within the body. This tension can lead to issues like high blood pressure and anxiety which in turn lead to issues falling asleep.

Because of massage therapy’s intense relaxing effects, your body is able to let a lot of that tension go which helps you fall asleep easier and have a better night’s sleep overall. Many studies have shown a positive link between massage and sleep.

When our bodies are able to get the sleep they need, we decrease our risk for numerous health issues related to sleep deprivation. If you struggle with insomnia, regular massage therapy can help to combat sleep issue long term.

Boosts Your Mood

Of course, after an hour-long pampering massage, it makes sense that one would feel better mentally. But there’s actually some science as to why massage has this effect.

Massage therapy has been shown to increase your serotonin and dopamine levels. These neurotransmitters, found in your brain, are directly linked to feelings of happiness, motivation, and reward. So that happy feeling you have after a massage is actually a result of a change in your brain chemistry.

Massage also helps to boost the hormone oxytocin, which can help to give you a feeling of bonding and human connection.

Reduces Headaches

Headaches can be caused by many different things, but a lot of the time they are caused by unwanted neck tension that is reducing blood flow. Massaging your neck can increase this blood flow to your brain and aid in reducing the pain caused by headaches.

Regular massages to this area of your body can help reduce the reoccurrence of chronic headaches as well as reduce the severity of the pain if one does occur.

Experiencing The Benefits Of Regular Massage

The best way to get familiar with the benefits of regular massage is to experience them for yourself.

Whether you suffer from one or multiple of these issues or even simply want to treat yourself to some quiet relaxation time, there is no reason not to seek out a massage therapy. Not only will your body feel better overall but your mind will also thank you.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next massage appointment today to see these benefits for yourself!

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7 Surprising Benefits of Regular Massage

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