7 Tips for Parents of College Students

7 Tips for Parents of College Students
7 Tips for Parents of College Students

7 Tips for Parents of College Students : College is a very exciting phase of life. It usually means that your child will start exploring her newfound independence, making decisions and setting up plans in life all on her own. This is why it’s important that you know how to work around all of this changes in her life. Here are 7 things that you might want to think about doing if you are a parent of a college student.

  1. Give them enough room to grow.

    You kid is now an adult. And she is probably enjoying the idea of having to live her life without constant supervision. It is okay to check in on her every now and then, to make sure that she is doing okay or if she’s going through something that you can help her with. But you need to remember that she will want to have her own space now. It’s better that you let her know that you’re there if she needs you, and then just let her live her own life.

  2. Talk to them about their college success goals.

    It is a good idea that you talk to your child about what her goals are in college. This way, you can help set her expectations about how her life will be once she has moved out to her college dorm. Find out how her grades are, how she’s doing with school work, any projects that she might be working on, or maybe things that are challenging her at the moment. Knowing how she’s doing at school and what her goals are can help you both set your expectations about her college life.

  3. Send them college care packages occasionally.

    Your student is just getting accustomed to living her life independently. But it wouldn’t hurt to let her know that you care, even from a distance. Send her care packages every now and then to remind her that you remember her and that you support her as she goes through her college life.

  4. Establish convenient ways to keep in touch with them.

    Considering how hectic college can be, you have to accept the fact that she will need more time to herself, to meet the demands of her newfound life. Your kid will not always be available for a day to day chat. That’s why it’s better that you communicate with her as to when it’s okay for you to talk to her or when you can expect her to call you. This way, you can set your mind at ease, knowing that you can still communicate with your child every now and then.

  5. Discuss your expectations about her new life as a college student.

    She might already be used to living her life on her own, but as her parent, it’s best that you talk to her about what your expectations are from her. Whether it’s how she should be performing academically, or how late she should be staying out, or maybe what sort of activities she should be involved in. By setting up expectations, you also get to guide her on how to live her life better without you constantly watching her.

  6. Become their anchor.

    With so many things going on in their life, some college students might find their new life to be overwhelming. This is why it’s a good thing to remind them of how life is at home. Keeping them grounded and reminding them of how their life is at home can help them get a better grasp of reality and remind them of what their goals are in college.

  7. Don’t overbook them for your family plans.

    Your college kid might have time to spare for your conversations or meet-ups as a family, but it’s still best that you don’t overscheduled her. Before you decide to include her on your family gatherings, check with her first if she will be available for it. Remember that her priorities might have already changed now that she is in college.



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7 Tips for Parents of College Students

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