7 tips from experts for Working woman and Home security

Working woman and Home security : One thing that is of considerable concern for almost everyone, especially if you are living alone in a house, is the kind of security that is available to you. It becomes especially difficult for a single working woman due to the unfortunate dogmas of the society. A woman might be alone because she is a single lady who works in a particular organization or because her partner has gone out of town for a while.

The situation of security for them is a little more imperative, especially at home, either when they are residing in it or when going to work, leaving the house empty. Proper home security affords you a good night’s sleep and a peaceful day at work as you don’t have to worry about any unfortunate event befalling your house. Therefore, if you are a working woman and you are looking for tips for the perfect home security tips, then you could refer to this article.

1. Your security system should be installed in the right spot.

Technology plays a significant role in all spheres of life, and it is not far behind in providing security for homes as well. Different types of home security systems are available in the market which comes with surveillance cameras and coded locks and monitors continuously live streaming a video feed. One crucial factor is to install the security system in such a spot so that it is not accessible by anyone, for manipulation, from the outside but should also give the impression that a robust security system is present, which deters more than 80% of the potential offenders.

If you go one step ahead and install the more advanced Verisure Alarm Systems, you can get alarms and alerts and also live feed of videos if the cameras pick up something out of place, immediately, so that you can take prompt action even when you are away.

2. Check windows properly before leaving for work.

The most common mistake that some people tend to make is not to check the windows properly before they leave, the bathroom window being the main culprit, mainly because it is positioned a little higher and it escapes your notice quite easily. Therefore, make it a point to check the integrity of your bathroom mirror and also other mirrors of the house before exiting the house.

3. Create a checklist of a safety and security measures you need to take.

The mirrors though being a major concern, there are other ways as well through which a burglar might sneak into your unattended home. Take some time off and create a list of all these volatile areas and make sure you tick them off every day as checked and tested before making your move outside.

4. Let your neighbours be on the lookout for you.

You should be in cordial and friendly terms with your neighbours so that they look out for you at times of need. Your neighbours can keep a constant watch and inform you in case they find anything fishy. They could also keep removing pamphlets and postcards from your doorsteps as goons use it as a technique to find out if and when you are not at home by dropping them and seeing when it gets picked up. In short, your neighbours are your ideal lookout.

5. Keep your valuables safe.

Assuming that someone does break through into your private property, you should make sure that your valuable items are not readily accessible to them. Make sure you put jewellery, cash and other such possession which you cannot lose at any cost in a break-proof safe for better safekeeping in case the worst takes place.

6. Fake it as much as you can.

There are certain tricks that you can employ to create the impression that you are still at home. One example is to keep the exterior lights on even when you are not there. Another method is to put locks which are not visible from outside. Putting a decal saying beware of dogs, even though you don’t have one, can also be a handy addition.

Reduce the volume of the ring in your landline phone as some intruders apply these tactics of calling you continuously to check if you are picking up the phone, by checking the dial tone of your phone. Don’t keep the same lock throughout, keep changing the type occasionally so that no one can guess the kind of locks you have or duplicate it in any way.

7. Add thorny shrubs to your landscape.

You can add certain thorny shrubs to your boundary and landscape so that offenders are not able to climb up or navigate easily and will think twice before doing so. Adding glass shards on top of the boundary walls also works the same way.

These seven tips mentioned above are the must-follow ones for the home security of working woman, which will let them breathe in peace and will not have much to worry about eventually.




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7 tips from experts for Working woman and Home security

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