9 Signs You’re Really In Love With Your Buddy

It’s Complicated
You say they are just a friend, but deep down inside are you really in love with your friend? Here are nine signs you just might be.

Sign #1
They are the first person you think about telling when major life events happen.

Sign #2
You get jealous when they are dating other people.

Sign #3
You always seem to mention them when you talk to other people. No matter what, your conversation always seems to take a turn in their direction.

Sign #4
When people see you both together they automatically assume you’re a couple.

Sign #5
You have had to hold back saying, “I Love You.”

Sign #6
You feel lonely and incomplete when you both are apart for long periods of time.

Sign #7
You seem to find a reason to spend time with them everyday.

Sign #8
Sometimes you joke about being a couple, but feel rejected if they don’t play along.

Sign #9
You feel sad if you call or text and they don’t respond.