A Complete Guide to A Mother-to-be And Her Lifestyle

A Complete Guide to A Mother-to-be And Her Lifestyle

A Complete Guide to A Mother-to-be And Her Lifestyle : Even though the maternal mortality rate in Australia is quite low, expectant moms should be extra-cautious and stick to a healthier lifestyle to avoid birth-related complications. Please read up this helpful guide on what your lifestyle should be during your pregnancy.


Your nutrition-requirements change continuously during your pregnancy. In this period, expectant mothers should focus on body-building, nutritious, energy-giving, and protective foods. Please avoid processed meats and consumption of alcohol or smoking is a huge no! Toxic substances affect fetal development adversely.

Tobacco and pregnancy

Tobacco and cigarette smoke can cause several adverse outcomes during or after pregnancy. Various research reports suggest that exposure to cigarette smoke can reduce fertility, lead to poor pregnancy outcomes, increased risk of pregnancy-related complications, and even a mentally challenged child. If you don’t smoke but are a passive smoker, you should avoid smoke exposure to prevent damage to your unborn child.

No to alcohol during pregnancy

So, basically, when you consume alcohol, it enters your bloodstream and affects your fetus adversely. Alcohol can cause high blood pressure in healthy adults, so please beware of this risk. To get more information on the adverse effect of alcohol on your unborn child, please consult your obstetrician. Women who are planning to conceive, please click here.

Dental hygiene

There is a lot of interest coming up in the area of dental health and hygiene. Expectant mothers should particularly take care of their teeth in the prenatal period. This period is also important for the dental health of your fetus. There is evidence that following a proper dental health regimen has a positive effect on the teeth of your child.

Sex and Pregnancy

Your pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from having a healthy love life with your partner. However, an overwhelming number of women fear that sexual intercourse in this period can affect their fetus. Partners of expectant mothers also need to understand that the latter experience significant changes in their bodies and minds during pregnancy. Also, male partners should use prophylactics like condoms while having sex to safeguard their partners against contracting sexual diseases.

Women experience ebbs and highs in their sexual desires during pregnancy. In the first trimester, they have a reduced appetite for sex because of vomiting, nausea, morning sickness, etc. During the second trimester, increased breast size and higher blood flow in the pelvic area can increase their sexual desire. In the last trimester, sexual desires go down again because of physical discomfort during sex.

Exercise and pregnancy

It is important to exercise during your pregnancy. Exercise helps reduce muscular tension, relieves mental stress and also helps in controlling body weight. Regular exercise also facilitates easy delivery. Many women have reported that regularly practising yoga postures helped them during pregnancy. Doing the right yogic poses helped them lose stress and achieve flexibility in their bodies. Not all yoga postures are beneficial to expectant mothers, though.

Pilates during pregnancy could also help women relieve stress in their lower abdominal muscles. During maternity, these muscles have to expand to accommodate the growing fetus inside the uterus. Pilates also helps in stopping the leakage of urine among pregnant women. Please consult your doctor before starting your exercise regime.

Plane travel

During flight journeys, pregnant women may experience some discomfort because of the reduced supply of oxygen in the aircraft cabin. They may also find it difficult to keep sitting upright during the entire journey. The child may also face pressure from her mom’s body during this period. Generally, it is agreed that plane travel poses some risks to pregnant women.






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A Complete Guide to A Mother-to-be And Her Lifestyle

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