A Foodie’s Journey in Delhi

Foodie's Journey in Delhi
Foodie's Journey in Delhi

A Foodie’s Journey in Delhi : Delhi is home to some of the most magnificent restaurants in the country. Dedicated and well-trained chefs from all over the world and the country run these kitchens like a well-oiled machine and the results are clearly seen on the plate. These restaurants source the finest ingredients from across the globe to give customers a truly sublime experience.

Here are some of the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi you must visit if you call yourself a foodie. Book Self-drive cars and head over today.

  1. Bukhara

Located at ITC Maurya, this restaurant was established in 1978. The menu has not changed much since then and this has led to it being known as one of the best Indian restaurants in the world. It is named after its signature dish, Daal Bukhara, which is slow cooked for almost 18 hours. The restaurant itself is an expression in old world charm and the live kitchen will keep you entertained. Other dished you must try here include Peshawari kebab, murgh malai kebab, and Sikandari raan.

  1. Wasabi

Wasabi is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in the country. It is located in The Taj Mahal Hotel and is a wonderous experiment in food presentation. The team is trained by acclaimed Japanese chef Morimoto and serve the finest sushi and sashimi. Other dishes to taste at Wasabi are the sushi platter, tempura rock shrimp, and omakase. You can even sample Japanese sake, whiskeys, and plum wines.

  1. Le Cirque

This restaurant is part of The Leela Palace and serves mouthwatering, authentic French cuisine. Considered the father of modern gastronomy, French food is sublime and well balanced with the finest, freshest ingredients. The restaurant is the perfect location for a romantic date. Some of the dishes you must try here are Tuscan liver pate with black truffle and cognac scent, black truffle fettuccine, and handmade cannoncini.

  1. The China Kitchen

The restaurant is part of Hyatt Regency and is arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country. The restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes and is helmed by Chef Jack Ao Yeung and his team of eight chefs from Chengdu, the culinary capital of Sichuan. The recipes have been sourced from the old masters of Sichuan and offer a medley of flavours. Some dishes you must try here are the Peking duck, mapo tofu, coconut ice cream, and cognac chocolate cigar.

  1. La Piazza

This pizzeria is part of Hyatt Regency and is the city’s first trattoria-style restaurant. It has a lively kitchen that will keep you entertained and a wine list that features obscure yet wonderful wines from Italy. The kitchen also has a wood-fired oven that bakes the most delicious pizza whose every element is handmade by the chefs every day. Apart from their signature pizza, you must also try the risotto, the minestrone soup, the pesto pasta salad, and the cannelloni.

Delhi is known for its variety of fine dining restaurants and you must make space during your trip to visit at least one of them. You can find self drive cars in Delhi with Zoom Car.


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A Foodie’s Journey in Delhi

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