Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 103)

As a year begins, you try to Accomplish Your Dreams or you may revise them keeping in view the developments that took place in the previous year. While drafting your plans for the next year, you consider what exactly you wish for and in that direction, you may have to be flexible as well as positive also. You need to balance your efforts with alignment to your dreams and preparing yourself internally to Accomplish Your Dreams. It is also true that every action has reaction – every transaction involves give and take. If you give something to someone, that someone will take it. That means for gaining satisfaction, you may have to pay out something – you may have to sacrifice something to gain something.

Sacrificing for Your Betterment

Every goal requires sacrifice of some kind, and it’s easy to forget this sometimes. Most often we tend to focus on what we stand to gain from the achievement of our goals, not what we stand to lose. However, failing to acknowledge and prepare for the sacrifices can set us up for a rude awakening and threaten our eventual success.

What kind of sacrifices have you made for your goals in the past? Did you give up some of your favorite television shows so you could spend more time working on your goals? Did you give up your favorite dessert when you started a new health regime?

Let’s face it; sacrifices aren’t fun. It usually means giving up something you enjoy, even if temporarily. But, does that always have to be true? You may be surprised to learn that with the right outlook, sacrifices can seem like a good thing.

The Remedy:

When it comes to sacrifices, only two things matter:


Very often when you are willing to release something that is no longer serving you, it becomes a simple act. It’s only when you keep clinging to something that letting it go seems really difficult.

It also helps if you keep affirming that what you stand to gain is worth the cost of what you’re giving up. Rarely are these rigid concepts; more often they will change according to your perceptions.

For example, when you first set your goals and start working toward them you may believe that your sacrifices are well worth it. Your motivation is strong and you’re feeling optimistic that you can overcome any temptations to slide back into old habits.

But as time goes on and you begin to miss the things that once provided a sense of comfort or pleasure, you may wonder whether you can continue making these sacrifices. In fact, the question “Is it worth it?” is one you’ll probably have to answer over and over again until you reach a point where your new habits have overridden the old.


Even more important than being willing to let go of destructive or unproductive habits is the ability to trust that the actions you take today will pay off in the future. You have to trust that the situations, people, places and things you are releasing will be replaced by even better things later.

Belief comes into this step in a big way – if you don’t believe that your goals will be realized, you may have trouble trusting the bigger process of manifestation. However, you can work on this by consistently affirming your belief and your trust day by day. The more you do, the stronger your belief will grow and the easier it will be to trust.

Be Happy – Be Ready to take risk to gain something.