Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 109)

Once you are able to fix up your priorities, you need to strengthen your commitment. If you are not truly committed to your goal, you simply won’t make it a priority in your life. When you first set a resolution for a new year, you are “resolving” to do something. That means pledging, or swearing to the fact that you will follow through. But how often do you really mean this when you set goals?

Strengthening Your Commitment

What many of us do instead is attaching little addendums to our pledge, like staying committed until we lose interest or obstacles threaten our confidence. That’s why getting crystal clear about what you really want is so important. You’re much more likely to go the distance for something you want badly rather than a vague desire.

Still, no matter your objective, you’ll need to make a firm commitment to achieving it and believe that you will achieve it, no matter what. That’s what commitment is; a pledge of constancy and loyalty. But how do you get and stay committed?

The Remedy:

The number one way to strengthen your commitment is to make your goal so vitally important that quitting is simply not an option. Imagine what it would be like to have a goal that you simply couldn’t give up on; a goal that you would work toward for years on end if you had to. Is your goal that important to you? If not, you’ve got two choices:

1. Make it that important. Take some time to think about the negative consequences of abandoning your goal. What would the likely outcome be? Poor health and reduced lifespan? Professional stagnation? Depression and emptiness? Are you willing to accept those outcomes? You’ve got to convince yourself that there is no other acceptable outcome for your goals but success.

2. Choose a better goal. If you can’t seem to summon the level of commitment needed to achieve your goal, it’s probably not as important as you’d like it to be. Take some time to think about what you really want, and set a goal that WILL be vitally important; important enough to inspire a rock-solid level of commitment.

You may have to keep affirming daily that your goals will be your reality and you will not accept anything less. Insist that they will be manifested in full physical form – and then only, you would be able to accomplish your dreams.

Be Happy – Strengthen Your Commitment to Accomplish Your Dreams.