Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 55)

Sometimes I am simply amazed at what the human spirit is capable of. It helps us to Accomplish Our Dreams. Only human beings see dreams and make efforts to accomplish. God gave us birth and enormous resources to enjoy. It was the imagination and efforts of the human beings that created such a beautiful world and still, we are exploring what else is there in the Universe to the welfare of all the beings we come across.

Human Spirit! It is an emergent property of intelligence that drives it to adapt the environment to the organism. This drive is relatively unique to humans and is progressive in that the drive allows intelligence to grow. This emergent property reveals itself in the reiteration of factors presented as obstacles to an organism, group, or society. As the complexity of these factors grows, the Human Spirit responds accordingly by creating solutions that best adapt the environment to the individual, group, or social organism. I may challenge you to find any other thing that is responsible for as many positive things that happen as that of the human spirit. What else in history has created new governments, conversion of the resources to their best utility and efforts to make them better and better continuously? Taken someone from a simple idea to a global corporation? Raised, clothed, and fed hungry children? Given ever freely of its time so that others with lesser resources could have a better life? The human spirit is a mighty powerful thing. If we use it properly, it would be the source which might have asked to do it.

You may go more deeply and it is certain that you will find that human spirit lies within each and everyone one of us enabling us to Accomplish Our Dreams! We need to recognize it. What tends to happen however is that over time we can lose contact with our own human spirit. That is that over time we lose our ability to let our spirit actually drive us like it should. It is important to note that any number of things can play a part in this process. The result often leaves us with a feeling of hopelessness. I would like to say one thing before getting any deeper into this discussion. That is that these feelings are very common! I think many of us would be hard pressed to find that we can not identify at least one area where this has happened in our own lives. The important thing is that we take the time to carefully identify with these feelings. Even more importantly that we combat these feelings of hopelessness with positive ones! While I will be the first to agree that we can not erase life’s negative events, luckily at the same time we do not have to sit idly by and let these feelings consume us. By now I am sure your asking if that is so then what do you suggest? To that I say the answer lies in your making a list of your past personal successes. Study this list regularly. You see in doing this you can actually program your subconscious mind. This in turn will create a snowballing effect in you. Let us explore it further.

Look at your bad days. In most cases you will notice that there was one single event that happened to cause you to focus on a negative. As a direct result the next thing while not necessarily so bad was noticed more simply because of the first bad thing that happened to you. Do you see the pattern here? I am talking about the same snowballing effect. What I propose is to use the same technique by first introducing the positives into your life. Here’s a handy quote that I try to remind myself to use the previous technique…Success Begets success.

Sometimes an individual overcomes adversity through will power. Through sheer volition to overcome obstacles, the individual may succeed and learn more about oneself. We admire heroes that show us what can be done that as not been done before. Human will stems from the observation of the human spirit in action. You too can do it to Accomplish Your Dreams.

When a group of individuals overcomes adversity by avoiding or surviving calamities through planning and preparation, it gains a deeper commitment to avoiding future calamities. We admire leaders that pull us through hard times. Civilization develops when groups of individuals observe the human spirit in action. We can join hands to promote such groups who may work together to Accomplish Our Dreams.

As a society, human organization serves to create complex obstacles. Great social catastrophes occur that occasionally stagnate or destroy civilizations. We admire social and political constructs that allows technology and quality of life to improve. Through development of social sciences, we collectively observe the human spirit in action and towards collective welfare of one and all.

Positive results of our individual and collective endeavors lead to progress. The reward for such adventures yields a deeper understanding of the natural world and better ways to adapt it to our needs. Thus, the sum knowledge of mankind aggregates exponentially. Unfortunately, human intelligence often fails to anticipate contingencies when some groups become self centric..

Since the human spirit drives us to choose risk based on probable rewards, self-centric individuals, groups, and even societies sometimes choose to ignore intelligent solutions in the face of future threats because they suggest unknown risk. Solutions to individual, group, or social problems may or may not seem rational. Scientists and philosophers have developed methodologies and protocols for discovery so that it can be followed by posterity. In some cases irrational engagements prove successful. If they are repeatable, they push back the boundaries of our knowledge. The Human Spirit must include both commitment to methodology and calculated risk in pursuit of greater understanding for betterment, not towards destruction. Since human intelligence has proven the success of its progressive nature, we must try to do something which may make environment happier.

Be happy – We may recognize the importance of Human Spirit and Accomplish Our Dreams for a better future.