Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 57)

After conceiving our targets, we must contemplate our strategies how to achieve them, how to accomplish our targets. We should build up our confidence that we can achieve anything that we imagine, that we have the ability to visualize every aspect of our success and that our ability is greater than any challenge we could face. We are not here merely to make a living. We are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. We are here to Accomplish Our Dreams. We are here to enrich the world, and we impoverish ourselves if we forget this responsibility towards ourselves and others as well.

You need to think over continuously what you can do to best help the largest number of people and why you should do. Practically all your daily decisions can have tremendous power to transform you and your life into something truly spectacular. There are millions of people alive who are living dream lives…You can be one of them, no matter how old or young you are. If you do some good or bad job that would certainly have effect on the others, your family members, your friends. If you do some good job, that can be enjoyed by them pleasingly. Maybe your good job, gifts and skills are modest, but to hide them, to not develop and share them, whatever they are would be a great tragedy. Until 1988, when I was fired suddenly, I was self-centric in the sense that I was going to office daily, doing whatever the work was assigned, coming back to home and pass my time with my family, none else had any concern. After firing, I did not have that regular schedule, every day was a new challenge – I started to meet new people and take new assignments. Today, I feel that this was a great deed by God to expose me to the better world to contribute. Take time to reflect today and every day on what your life could mean expanded out over the decades and centuries. No matter how much or how little time on earth you have left, you can be a great contributor and potentially a catalyst for positive change around you… and thus around the world, possibly for centuries to come.So when you are ever tempted to feel bored or uninspired, chew on that for a while. It should get your juices flowing.

We must consider that we are making the most of our time useful, now and every day. We must commit to living our life with passion. We must use our unique gifts to enrich ourselves and others. We must try to make ourselves worth more each and every day and bring out the best in others. We must use our mind to the best. Our mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests. What can we do to ensure that this will stick in our mind? It has been observed that most of what is written in the world’s greatest self-help and how-to books goes unread by the buyers. And the material that is read is typically not used. Most people just aren’t self-disciplined enough to take a bit, study it, master it then move on to the next level. That’s why universities are so valuable and so expensive. They do it right. They give you a little bit, test you and then give you some more – building on your knowledge after you’ve learned the easier stuff.

You may maintain a journal of your daily activities – make it a practice that before you go to bed, you will mention a brief of what you did in the day long – from brushing your mouth to the visit to your friend – you consumed so much time. It may seem to be funny but you see that in some days, you may start to manage your time to more useful tasks. If you go through one motivational story daily and the next day, you may recollect the contents, you will see that it may become a part of your changing attitude.

You need to Accomplish Your Dreams. Be sure, you want to succeed also. Success is not complicated, is it? The average person wants to believe, it is so that their failures can be explained away, their weaknesses can be hidden and their poor decisions justified. No, achieving success in any well conceived mission is not complicated and difficult. Practically anything you desire is within your grasp. Just look at the individual tasks and go to it, one tiny step at a time. Climb up to your target with each step properly directed and you may get destination. Think and decide that you will work on one area of your life at a time, that you will master easy jobs before you move on to harder things, that you are a fast learner and that Mastery and you are one.

When you are working and if you get praise from your senior, that is well. If you get compliment, that is also well, but if you get affectionate treatment, that is the last and most precious reward that you can win, whether by character or achievement. We must find out why do I love about _____(name of person)? Our first attempt should always start with love. During our whole life, we do make sales. As traders, you sell out your goods, as professional you sell out your services and as employees too, you sell your services or time. You can’t sell effectively, whether it’s a product or an idea, if you hold contempt and dislike for other people, or simply if your own best interests come first. In fact, it’s difficult to get through each day without abundant feelings of love or just sincerely good opinions about other people flowing through your veins.

When I started in the sales world, I failed for a few YEARS. I just wanted to make money-it was all about myself. Well, that must’ve come through in my voice and actions, because I couldn’t give my products away. But I read a book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” and it helped to change my life. That was my introduction to affirmations. The first scroll, which was to be read three times/day for a month was about “greeting this day with love in my heart.” My sales went crazy! I began looking at everyone as a friend, not as a paycheck. I changed every view I had about other people. And they responded…Not just in sales, but in all areas. Where I had enemies, they became friends. Where I was laughed at, I was admired.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams with Love.