Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 7)

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to motivate your surroundings too towards your target, apart from your own working. For example, you are a married person and intend to lead a good family set up. You need to work things out to make your family environment conducive to your targets. You must keep your relationship away from hitting the rocks in the first place. You will have to work like a great teacher. You know! A mediocre teacher tells motivation, a good teacher explains and a superior teacher demonstrates, but a great teacher inspires.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must define the assets of your family, your team into the categories like “yours,” “mine,” and “ours.” If you have finances that should be placed in each of these three categories (for example, you have an inheritance and your spouse has a savings account accumulated before the marriage, and you also have a checking account to which you both contribute), have an upfront conversation about those assets and what belongs to whom and how they can be used by the person who does not own a specific asset. Moreover, talk about your time away from “together” activities, like your spouse wants to bowl with the friends on Tuesday nights and you want to attend your yoga class on Wednesday. Respect these important engagements. There would not be any clash. Your spouse also needs some space to grow independently. Doing so will make the relationship stronger.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must carve out time to be together. Sure, you’re busy working and attending meetings, but how important are those things if your relationship falls apart? Make time to do things together that you both enjoy. This could be anything from grocery shopping to taking in a movie. Take regular vacations together — at least a couple of long weekends and, better yet, a couple of long vacations (more than a weekend jaunt). Commit to a weekly date night and make it as unbreakable as that all-important staff meeting at work. During such period, you can discuss your targets and apprise each other of the progress and hurdles you face. This will bring you closer in your relationship winning confidence and closer to your targets too.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must take care of yourself and spend time every day on your appearance and your physical well-being. Work out regularly, eat healthy, and stay fit. Not only will your partner like looking at you, but you’ll feel better about yourself. This will help you gather sufficient energy and stamina to bear the rigor of the hard work required by you in the process.

To Accomplish Your Dreams you need to make sure communication goes both ways. For example, you have aimed at certain targets and to achieve those targets, you need to meet some people within your surroundings and beyond, for that you need constant communication. That communication must be perfect from your side to ensure that you are able to convince the listener properly. You are building up some relationship with the target people. Many relationships fail because of misunderstandings. Effective communication skills are necessary if your relationship is going to survive. If there is a hint or vibe that your partner is disconnected or you are unhappy about something, do not ignore those signals or feelings. Approach your mate and suggest an open discussion. You may be frustrated, angry, or hurt and so may your spouse, but always stay calm and reasonable. Your goal should be to resolve differences, and the only viable way of doing so is through open and direct communication.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you may criticize gently. Don’t judge too harshly. If you criticize, do so in the same way you would want others to criticize you. Be kind and considerate. Praise is the only criticism that is constructive. Your politeness can win the hearts of your target people easily. When you want something go after it with all that is inside you! Don’t hold back, when you think you have done enough, do a bit more. There is one rule I have found to be true, the most persist ant person always wins! It may not be automatic, but in time this person always achieves that which they seek!
To Accomplish Your Dreams, you will have to undertake strenuous and methodical working. There is no thrill in easy sailing, when the sky is clear and blue; there is no joy in merely doing things which anyone can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you have reached a destination that you thought you could not make. You cannot become a howling success merely by howling. It is also true that the willing horse gets the heaviest load. He develops the strongest muscles and gets the most corn.
To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must think not on yesterday, nor trouble borrow on what may be in store for you tomorrow, But let today be your incessant care – The past is past, tomorrow’s in the air. Who gives today the best that in him lies will find the road that leads to clearer skies. You need to concentrate on today first.