Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 70)

Yesterday, I mentioned about the role of positive associations for accomplishing the dreams and facilitating your study and make beneficial changes within you easier to accomplish. A light trance may be induced within you as you read. This is perfectly safe and beneficial. Doing it is very easy to perform: all you have to do is relax a little and go through the contents of these posts a little seriously – they are based upon my personal experience!

Right now as you read these words, as your eyes focus on the black shapes of the letters and the white spaces in between you notice your breathing and the feeling of your clothes on your body. Your body already knows how to respond to the pure life entering into you as you breathe in and to the growing peace as you breathes out. Your awareness expands to the area around you and now you focus back into the comforting text. The black shapes of the letters and the white spaces in between can carry you deeper into relaxation, gently and easily, deeper and deeper. When you sleep or take napping, the words on this paper are also in your minds’ eye too. They resonate there with meaning. The black shapes and the white spaces represent bliss and happiness to you now as you read these words, as you breathe slowly and easily. You notice yourself smiling as you remember the last time you really felt alive. Smiling as you relive the best time you really felt happy and relaxed. Beautiful feelings may be welling up inside you. These feelings will stay with you for hours, maybe even longer as you feel loving warmth emanating from every sentence. As you feel pleasant calming sensations spreading through your fingertips and hands, penetrating every part of you. Just relax as the spaces in between the words hold your attention and your healthy curiosity wonders what would happen if you read them again. A little deeper! You are turning a new page in your life, reminded of the times that you have made successful changes in the past. You may feel very deeply relaxed. The black letters on this page, like soothing music, can heal your heart if you let them and the inner voice you use, as you read these words, wants the best for you. If you want, you can summon your inner power right now and decide to help yourself and those around you to achieve wholeness and freedom all the time. Every time you read them, or think about them, your personal power may increase. Ever deeper feelings of security and humbleness may allow you to let go of all grudges and pettiness. If you like you could start afresh right now, reborn in purity. Your awareness expands to the area around you. You are wide awake and feeling great!

When you have an understanding of and have experienced the freeing up of your virtues in a general sense, you can apply the techniques to individual areas of your life. The wonderful truth is that just as the healing of one virtue helps and uplifts all the other virtues, so the healing of one area of your life produces positive changes in every other area of your life. For example, if you heal an activity such as eating food, you will be creating islands of well being throughout your day. Whenever you eat, you will be reminded consciously or unconsciously of the virtues and any tensions and worries about food will be eliminated giving you greater vitality. Your diet will naturally improve and you will digest food more efficiently supporting your health and improving your clarity of mind. You will be less inclined to overindulge or be swayed by misleading advertising, thus saving you money and you will begin to consume more compassionately. You can choose any activity to heal and uplift such as: getting up in the morning, listening to others, walking and dreaming etc. As well as activities do not overlook other areas such as your appearance, your body, instincts and emotions etc. Further examples are archetypes such as the Protector, the Teacher and the Lover etc. You will see positive changes not only in the chosen area but, to varying degrees, all other areas too.

You should relax the physical body outwardly and inwardly. Silently affirm that you are willing to let go of any false beliefs concerning the area. Love and accept yourself and others doing this activity (or experiencing the area) and the activity or area itself. Let go of any attachments or repulsions that you hold about the activity or area. Choose a virtue (ideally one that you appear to be lacking in the area that you are working on) and allow it to infuse /radiate the concept of the activity or area. Visualize all the virtues as one white light cleansing and uplifting the activity.

The semi-conscious state is characterized by a false dependency on external conditions. At the moment, you may believe that your happiness and peace depend on certain external factors like availability of some gadgets in your house, regular income, job, sufficient finance in your bank or at home, your social status, your convenience to meet your spirituality related pursuits and all what you feel quite enjoyable like good relationship within your family and friends etc. But this is not so. Due to past associations certain qualities within you may only seem able to manifest in certain favorable conditions. Actually, these conditions have no power to inhibit or facilitate your positive feelings and virtues, except the power that you are pushing onto them. Examples of this inner sickness include: only feeling relaxed when at home, only feeling brave when you are with friends or only feeling worthy when you are praised by someone in authority. If you tell yourself that you will be really happy when you win the lottery then you are also telling yourself that you will not (or cannot) be happy until you win the lottery, thus forming a barrier to your happiness now. You need to make efforts for weakening and dissolving such false dependencies.

To reclaim your powers, you need to relax inwardly and outwardly. Choose a feeling or quality that seems dependent on an external person or object. Allow yourself to feel whole and blissful right now, embodying the particular feeling/quality: independent of the external person or object. As you breathe in, take back the responsibility and personal power. As you breathe out let go of all past, present and future blaming. Allow yourself to feel whole and complete, joyful and triumphant as you visualize chains breaking. Do this peacefully and joyfully until the false dependency collapses.

By doing this, you are associating your breathing process with power, freedom and success. Now whenever you become aware of your breathing, you will get a boost of self esteem and a feeling of control over your life. If you work at these exercises diligently, you will eventually feel at the optimum healthy state constantly, independent of circumstances. It may help you to view your past from a higher viewpoint. By asserting your personal responsibility, much deep-seated resentment will collapse within you. As you are ultimately responsible for yourself so is everyone else: much deep seated guilt and self recrimination will collapse within you. You will feel lighter and brighter as many of your complicated strategies to get attention, protect yourself from imagined slights and subconscious self punishments melt away, revealing a wonderful simplicity that contains all natural and effective strategies in its innocence.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by reclaiming your powers.