Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 74)

You need to beat the Recession. Over the past few months we have been seeing a little upsurge or say, revival of the economy midst the recession but still the business players as well as the economists are not satisfied and wondering how they’re going to cope with it with the present status of economy. It does not relate to a single country but it is affecting all globally directly or indirectly.

If you’ve been following the national and global economic news you know that it is still not a very encouraging picture. We’ve heard about collapses, bailouts and the possibility of more to come. The stock market recently experienced the largest single point drop in history. No one knows for sure whether the situation will quickly improve or get worse before it gets better…..More or less, all leading Governments seek revival of the economy.

But you need to make no mistake…….The road to financial success and prosperity in your life and in your business starts in your own mind. Many business people I talk to blame the their current economic situation on the government, the housing market, the stock market, the terrorism, high taxes, and countless other factors.

While all of these issues do have an impact on the collective prosperity of the world, they are all inconsequential compared to the most important factor of all…YOUR POINT OF FOCUS

Why is this important? Because energy flows to where attention goes. Regardless of what type of business you are in or choose to go into, what you focus on will have greatest impact on your business. Now more than ever, it’s important to realize that YOU and YOU ALONE hold the key to YOUR financial success.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter what happens to other businesses or how they are affected by the economy. The only thing that matters is what happens inside of YOU. The fact is, you can still earn a LOT of money and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle regardless of what’s happening in the economy. All it takes is focus, the proper resources and realizing your power to succeed comes from your Rich Mindset.

Speaking of mindset, do you really know what your core beliefs are about making money? Have you ever stopped to examine what is running your life when it comes to your business or career? Do you believe it’s possible to make money doing what you love? Do you believe, without any doubt whatsoever, that you deserve lots of money and the time to enjoy it?

I’m not just talking about a mental concept here; I’m talking about a deep, whole body, CORE belief. Your mindset is extremely important in starting out in any new venture. But mindset involves much more than just thinking positive thoughts. You have to operate from a deep well of positive core beliefs.

Sometimes we think that we are doing everything right and have a great attitude only to realize that we spend a lot of time in what I call F.D.W. — fear, doubt and worry. If you have never stopped to examine which beliefs are running you, then you are not creating your life consciously. The problem is that most people are sleepwalking through life trying to find loving relationships, meaningful work, successful careers, businesses and the money to enjoy the fine things in life, but they have not developed the corresponding mindset to do it. In fact, instead of attracting the things they desire, they very often sabotage themselves due to their unconscious, negative core beliefs.

If you want to attract real riches into your life and business – including money – you need to deeply understand and apply the principles of conscious creation. “Thoughts are things” is a statement that has been around for a long time. Science is now beginning to prove that this is absolutely true!

Conscious creation in a nutshell says that what you believe to be true is true for you. Read it again! It does not say that what you say is true, it says what you believe is true. This goes way beyond just slapping a positive thought on top of a negative belief. In simple terms, you attract what you expect out of life and what you expect is based on what you believe at the core level.

Opportunities Are Always Available.

Here is the real secret – regardless of the economy, opportunities are always available to turn our ideas into cash. Despite the economy many people are still making a lot of money. There’s no reason why you can’t be one of them.

How can you do this?

1 Start Your Own Business

If one of your goals in life is to achieve wealth and financial independence, one of the quickest and surest ways to achieve those results is through owning a business of your own. Believe it or not, a recession can actually be a wonderful time to start a new business venture. I can tell you right now that some of the most profitable businesses were started during a recession. The owners simply addressed a need during an economic downturn which continued to be successful even when the economy rebounded.

Starting a business in a recession is like vacationing in the off-season. It’s a little less crowded, and everything starts going on sale. It allows you to tap into new markets, launching new products that will serve the needs of the current economy and build a business for the future.

2 Pay Close Attention to What You Think and Say

During tough times, it’s easy to get into the habit of thinking negative thoughts and making negative comments. Constantly thinking and talking about what is wrong with your life, your business or the economy will only serve to bring you more of what you focus on. Before you know it, you’ll end up in one of those self-fulfilling prophecies we talked about earlier.

Stay informed, but don’t keep repeating what you hear on the news. Remember, energy flows to where attention goes. By focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want, you’ll also do wonders for your creative thinking. Creative thinking allows you to come up with solutions to your problems. It also allows you to see new opportunities. One of the biggest downsides to being in a negative frame of mind and focusing on what you don’t want is that it blinds you to opportunities.

3 Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself is more secure and more rewarding than owning stocks, bonds or real estate. Moneymaking ideas are everywhere. If you act fast on them, you can prosper fast. Don’t simply entrust your money to others to make money for you — have faith in your own ideas and take control of your own financial future.

The more you expand your awareness and education, the more you will be able to see opportunities to make more money. The more you invest in yourself — the better the return you’ll get when you take action on what you learned.

4 Understand that Scarcity is a function of the mind; so is Abundance

The choice is always yours. Are you going to focus on scarcity or the lack of something or are you going to focus on creating more of what you want? These are your only two options. Instead of focusing on cutting back and spending less, change your point of focus to create MORE of what you want. Use that same creative energy to attract the things you desire and to improve your life and your business. And finally…

5 Start appreciating what you already have!

If you really take stock of all the things you do have in your life, I bet you will be amazed. Too often people focus on what’s missing in their lives and as a result, they ignore the riches they do have; a place to live, a car to drive, a job, career or business, a great family, a loving spouse, wonderful children, fantastic pets, loyal friends and the freedom to create whatever they desire. Every so often someone will write to me and tell me how desperate things are for them. Since I’ve been there myself at one time, I can surely sympathize. But I always point out the same thing…

How bad is it – really?

For example, how bad can it really be if you have enough to eat? Many people around the world have had nothing to eat in days….

How bad can it really be if you are sitting at a computer and writing me an email? Some people around the world don’t even have electricity to run a computer, let alone own a computer.

Ask yourself: how bad is it — really?

As difficult as you current situation may be, it is only temporary. There are millions of people all around the world would trade places with you in a heartbeat.The good news is if things are not going your way at the moment this entrapped cyclical experience is only here to give you a warning that your POINT OF FOCUS in going in the wrong direction.

When you feel grateful you automatically place yourself in alignment for more good things to come into your life. It also opens the doorway to your mind. Only when it’s open, can opportunity jump in. Consistent gratitude is the easiest track to ending poverty internally and externally. When your abundance is measured by how deeply you FEEL grateful for what you already have and how often you visit this feeling, then your experience of attracting riches is truly unstoppable. This is
the most direct path to financially magnetizing massive abundance and success.

Your Financial Destiny is in Your Own Hands

Remember, the road to abundance and prosperity begins in your own mind. Money is unlimited because your mind is unlimited. Stay focused on opportunity. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the financial “experts” or politicians who are ultimately responsible for your financial situation, it’s you and you alone.

Listen, I am NOT a wishful thinker. I’m a REALIST and the reality is that there ARE some economic challenges that we ALL have to deal with…. That’s a FACT…Many people have had to deal with their fair share of money problems this past year… That’s a FACT….Some businesses are going through a hard time and need to adjust. That’s a FACT….We ALL go through these things at one point or another. It’s part of the natural cycle of things.

But here are some more FACTS….

  • History shows that people can prosper even in the worse economic downturn.
  • There is never a shortage of new ideas and opportunities.
  • Thousands new businesses will be started and these business owners will make a fortune.
  • The Internet has opened up the world to a whole new realm of possibilities. Ordinary people can now turn hobbies and side businesses into lucrative money-making ventures like never before.

I could go on and on….

Do you get the point? It all depends on where you FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION!There really ARE no limits. Possibilities are endless and everywhere…oftentimes right under our own noses. The key is you cannot follow the crowd. You have to zig, while others zag. Think!

What can you do today, better and more profitably than yesterday? All it takes is one simple idea to transform a life of mediocrity into one of GREATNESS. We’re living in interesting times that require more creativity. The question is — What will you do differently?

The fact is, you are ONE IDEA away from your greatest opportunity, regardless of your personal financial situation or the economic climate. Circumstances may “appear” tougher during uncertain economic times, but in reality, there is never a shortage of opportunities to succeed. When you truly develop a Rich Mindset these opportunities will show up in your life. And when they do show up, you have to act on them immediately!

Start taking some ACTION right NOW, even if it is just one small step. And remember…….

  • Your thoughts will become your words.
  • Your words will become your actions.
  • Your actions will become your habits.
  • Your habits will become you character.
  • Your character will become your destiny.
Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams even during recession.