Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 92)

Our instincts play a major role in forming our line of action. Sometime, they help us a lot to avert and enable to avoid misfortunes. We need to heed to that little voice within us. Our instincts enable us to know about things that are about to happen to us as if there is something within us that warns of impending danger. How much do we trust our instincts? Many times, we change our decision on the basis of our instincts coming out of our subconscious mind perhaps due to some past experience in our own life or some others or just an assumption if something may happen. Is following our instincts the smartest thing to do? Do they help us into trouble? Yes, sometime they do. We can examine them on the basis of logics and take action only if some viability is found there. Some risk would always be there.

Our instincts have a network of millions of nerve cells and, through them, a mind of their own. I don’t think that emotion and intuition can be separated. Imagine meeting a date who reminds you of loved ones and also of the emotions you’ve felt towards those people. Suddenly you begin to fall for that person. Intuition can be described as almost immediate situation understanding. In fact, going with your instincts is a smart move only if you know it will be a win-win situation and you can handle the emotional repercussions.

Whenever there’s something wrong about to happen in your life, your brain may send a signal to you. It is you to identify the signals. At some point, you may wonder if you should go with your instincts or not, this can be decided with your past experience. How accurate are emotional intuitions when making a decision? Intuition is best used as the first step in solving a problem or deciding what to do. The more experience you have, the more reliable your intuitions, because they arise out of the richest array of collected patterns of experience. However, your instincts are not always infallible, and at times it will let you down. Sometimes we get emotional and our instincts are found illogical at a later stage. Don’t mix up your emotions with your instincts.

Creative people are very intuitive by nature. They work with their instincts. Seldom, they have a plan and follow a system. They aim every time to create something new. At every stage, they only work within their knowledge, sensibility, talent and worldview. Those things develop creativity if there is some vacuum.

In judiciary system too, we find many judgments immediately come as a result of instincts. After sometime, we appeal that mind has not been applied in delivering some particular judgment. Your instincts say that something is beautiful, but you don’t necessarily know why. You can not explain why you feel that thing to be beautiful. Nobody can dictate your instincts. They come up themselves and sometime they can appear to be your best counsellor. Just you need to identify them in right context.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by taking help from your instincts wherever you find them viable.