Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 95)

Every one of you dreams of being a happy person – it is very natural. You look for pleasure and happiness from every relationship. Your response to life depends largely on what you learn in your childhood through your parents, in the company of teachers, relatives, friends and others when you grow up.

With the advancement of technical advancements in diagnosing ailments and their cure, precautions and nutrients etc., the average age of human life has gone up. Science is still carrying out research to increase our longevity further. We may assume that a healthy-wealthy human being can lead his life successfully at least to hundred years. For the purpose of classifying the years of our age, we simply take first twenty years of our life as a period to be devoted to our upbringing, our education and preparation to have our own family comprised of our spouse and children. Next twenty years are devoted to the upbringing of our issues, leading our family life, looking after our parents and achieving some milestones in our life. Thereafter, in the next third span of twenty years, we do reconsolidation of our resources, abilities and contacts to create some embodiments, to square up our responsibilities like marriage of our children, their proper settlement and other social obligations. In the fourth span of twenty years, we start to get ourselves giving up materialism and guiding other people and in the last span of twenty years, we feel ourselves dependent on our children due to ageing factor. If we remain active up to that stage, we devote ourselves to our religious pursuits.

We may make some other classification suiting our own circumstances and needs. Some of us carry their materialistic life and look after their spiritual pursuits together and some of us take up them one by one. It is very much depending upon the individuals. But one thing is clear that our needs undergo change continuously, as we grow old. Sometime we find ourselves bewildered in the complications created by our emotional attachments to our relations, our achievements and deception we encounter on account of the vested interests of those whom we had been thinking very close to us and were never expected to do so. At that time, we might turn to spiritualism or seek the company of some saints etc. to bring back peace and smiles in our life.

As you are able to get company of saints, you would definitely learn the art of smiling and you will find after reasoning that your grief is nothing but some illusion. Actually, the company of good people equips us with qualities that broaden our horizon of self and surrounding. You develop a strong sense of confidence and so you are in harmony with the world outside. You will learn to be one with nature. You may learn to love everything, even your enemies. Your spirit is replete with compassion and generosity.

In the company of saints, God is revealed to us as the ultimate reality and refuge. The invisible is manifest in every visible object. You may learn to perceive God both in the presence and absence of the visible. It would surface on the landscape of your thought, speech and action.

Once you feel the presence of the Omnipresent Creator around you, you will appreciate, admire and love Creation also. We find that every human being is the spark of the same Divine Light and the image of the same Supreme power. We come to know God not only as the Creator of the universe, but He sustains and destroys also. We learn the principle of action that leaves the outcome upon the Almighty and when the time comes we accept the divine will with a smile.

In a spiritual congregation, we find ourselves in the company of fellow human beings gathered despite their different social, cultural and religious conventions. Spiritually, we all become one. We present a model of unity in diversity, a model of mutual love, peace and understanding trenched in the spiritual consciousness or the realisation of the presence of God in every living being.

The company of saints liberates us from the wrangle of different names assigned to God. Today, Allah is identified with Islam, Ishwar with Hindus and Wahe Guru with Sikhs and so on. We have assigned names to Him/Her according to our own thinking. God has no religion for Himself. It is in a spiritual congregation that we are introduced to the unequivocal and unerring Supreme Entity, whatever the nomenclature be given.

Really, God has no religion for Himself. Hence the soul within every individual too may be above all kinds of religious rites and rituals, customs and conventions associated with religion. In the process we realise the fundamental unity of humankind that raises us above all kinds us above all kind of discrimination. This leads to religious tolerance and communal harmony. Hatred and violence lose their pasture. There is peace within and calm outside. Looking at the conglomeration of such people, one is convinced that ‘not everything is lost’. See in the Langars being hosted at Gurudwaras, there is no question of the status, race, colour, caste or creed and you will find all people enjoying the meals with equal respect.

Universal values get regenerated in the company of saints. They teach us to be humble and polite. While negative feelings stay away, divine virtues like love, compassion, humility, forgiveness, mercy, helpfulness and generosity take their place. Our very attitude is transformed from hatred to love, jealousy to cooperation and violence to non-violence. The entire God’s creation looks beautiful, charming and truthful. There is a culture of peaceful coexistence, of universal brotherhood leading humanity to become a prosperous global family.

So, seek out the company of the wise. Look for the true who can reveal God to you. He will also teach the art of ‘detached attachment’ and thus make you feel complete and capable of enjoying the life as well.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams By Raising Yourself Above The Question of Caste, Colour And Creed. You can find intelligentsia in every section of the society.