Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 98)

With the advancement of civilization, man started to form communities and felt to regularize the living in such communities. In course of time, such regulations came to be known as religion. Religion means code of living with attachment of spiritual values. It is the foundation for the welfare of humanity. It is universally agreed upon that all the wealth he may accumulate will not accompany him when he leaves the world. Hence, it is still better for him to live on this earth happily and let other people live so. As you sow, so you will reap.

In all worldly activities, you should apply propriety, or the canons of good nature. You should be prepared at all times to respect the appropriate dictates of conscience; you should watch your steps to see whether you are in someone else’s way; you must be ever vigilant to discover the Truth variety. That is your duty to the humanity, which must be your religion as such.

There isn’t one code of living for the people living in east and another for westerners. It must be accepted as universal. There is a test that may be applied to any action and you may thereby determine if it is according to such standard. Let not that which you do, harm or injure another. This flows from the recognition that the light that is yourself, your own conscience feeling that what you will take if you would have been there and being injured in the same way as you are hurting at present.

As I understand, there are four types of duties: duties relating to one’s occupational group, duty towards the nation and society, duties relating to nature and duties when faced with danger.

All these four types of duties are related to one’s life in the phenomenal world and are not concerned with the Supreme Reality. All these duties have penalties for their violation. Without these penalties organised life is impossible.

If we are able to follow our duties without looking into account whether your neighbor is performing his duties, no doubt in course of time that you are going to win and your sincere performance will come forward to protect you. It is our Dharma and Dharma protects those who protect dharma. The true place of sincerity towards performance of duties is the heart and what emanates from the heart as a pure idea when translated into action is dharma. Each one has to do the duty that has come upon him, with responsibility, to the best of his ability. There should be complete coordination between what one feels, says and does. Working for the duties is the best form of worship.

If you begin to regard duty as your worship to God, the ego will disappear. You will acquire a sense of oneness and unity of all life; in other words, you will experience divinity in everything. Do your duty with devotion as you are performing pious worship to God.

Discharge your duties as devotedly as you can; but carry out your duties as if they are acts of worship offered to God, leaving the fruit of those acts to His will, His compassion. Do not be affected when the results you anticipate are not produced; leave it to Him. He gave you time, space, cause, material, idea, skill, chance and fortune; you did but little of your own. So, why should you feel as if you are the doer? Do your duty as a sincere worker. If you fail somewhere, you may have to accept that somewhere your strategy was not up to mark or somewhere, you could not do according to the strategy.

Whatever you do you must regard it as a duty done without any motive of self-interest or selfish gain. Just do the work assigned to you. Every one must become a worker, a hard worker, a sincere worker and an enthusiastic worker. If you wish to live happily on this earth, you must be ready to spread happiness every where and that depends upon you how you perform your duties to others – the others would reciprocate the same to you, perhaps not immediately but some time later positively.

Be Happy – Spread Happiness Everywhere and You Can Accomplish Your Dreams More Happily By Performing Your Duties.