Acquire Perfection

There are three fundamental levels in our universe: physical, metaphysical and causal. Over and above these, there is a transcendental sphere. There are three levels in the human entity, too: crude, subtle and causal. And one reflected consciousness besides. There is no question of any development in the conscious sphere because the soul is a non-attributed transcendental entity. Where there is imperfection and impermanence, there is scope for development. The movement from imperfection towards perfection is called progress. There cannot be any development in the transcendental sphere, which is perfect and eternal, but it is there in the psychic sphere. The crude body is made up of five primitive factors like air, earth, sky, fire and water, which are crude manifestations of the macrocosm. They are the constituent parts of the physical bodies of all created beings.

The one who is the origin of all beings is the Supreme entity that belongs to all, equally. To get protection and to enjoy the manifested universe of the Supreme Entity is the right of each and every being. The physical body is imperfect and impermanent because it is under the bondage of time and identity. Human beings have an incessant and indomitable desire to liberate themselves from the bondage of relativity. If there were such longing, there would he no intellectual development. Those who are struggling hard all the time for physical existence get little time for mental development. The problem of bread and butter will predominate. The guarantee of equal opportunity and minimum requirements of life to all is an essentiality for the well-integrated elevation and evolution of the human personality.

The physical body cannot attain liberation from the triple bondages of relativity. There are and will be relative variations in the degree of bondage from individual to individual, but whatever be the variations, each person will have to fight ceaselessly for their intellectual progress. Otherwise, there will be no mental growth.

Basic elements and vested interests that do no like to see a free and prosperous humanity invent and advocate different kinds of “isms” to exploit the ignorant masses under the guise of lifeless dogmas. In the name of “isms” they sow the seeds of dissension and fissiparous tendencies in the society to perpetuate their exploiting machinery. Human society is one and indivisible. There is no fundamental difference between one human being and another. All derive the life force from one and the same source. Hence talk of dissension and differentiation is against humanity.

In the microcosmic entity, the subtler world is above the cruder one. The same occurs in the microcosmic entity. Human beings should concentrate more towards their intellectual progress. Otherwise, the mind will be converted to matter. Mind cannot remain stagnant. Hence, everyone must contemplate higher and subtler phenomena or should take the ideation of the Cosmic Self. The crude and the subtle mental bodies are part of the psychic body. Hence, we cannot ignore anyone. The need for equal opportunity inferiority complex is a kind of mental ailment. Intellectual pursuit is essential for intuitional development, though intellectual pursuit can bring about only a temporal emancipation. We must acquire perfection by regular exercise and vigorous pursuance for our goal of intellectual progress.

Be Happy – Acquire Perfection.