Adopt Consistency For Success

Sometime, you might be jealous to see the success of your neighbor how he suddenly became so successful that he has exceeded your expectations. No, not as such…while seeing the sudden spurt in the display of his possessions, you might have overlooked consistency of his working towards a single target he might have adopted for the years together, if he had not won any jackpot.
The sustainability of action is crucial to the success. An individual action even if well executed can not bring about the success unless there have not been consistent research how to achieve that target. The ability and devotion to consistently perform is vital to success. Consistency in action derives from a person’s internal attitude. Factually, three kinds of attitudes govern human action: selfish, unselfish and selfless.

Selfish persons act merely to fulfill their personal desires. Their interests are all their mental horizon can encompass. At its most unsophisticated level, selfishness is merely following the whims and fancies. They do something at the spur of the moment, what would give to meet their gratification. There is no thinking involved. Now-a-days, the capers of such people fill the most popular section of the society papers. Such people may achieve some success for some time but that is not sustainable for a long period. They do not fix their goals on long term basis and discipline themselves accordingly.

Further down to the continuum are some selfish persons who do set their personal goals only and work to achieve them. They do plan but remain self-centric. As soon as their goals are achieved, they put off the associates for ever without sharing the success with them. They do pretend friendship but that lasts till the moment they find whether their goals are being not met through you. They would change immediately even during the process of working together. The pressure of their necessity warrants fast results and the intellect being fuzzy cannot project beyond a point. So, you can not expect consistency in their attitude for a long period. You may find early-burn-out-syndrome as manifestation of this attitude. They can push themselves to achieve their targets to the points of collapse. Not only this, they can get discouraged if their goals are not achieved quickly.

The unselfish persons fix their goals ranging a wider spectrum both in terms of time and persons it will benefit. They can conceive a goal that may take decades for the results. All the great leaders and industrialists have the same vision. If you see around the big industries, you will appreciate that these are the achievements of their efforts taken long ago. Might be they had faced some failures in beginning but that did not bog them down in their efforts. However, they do have some limit beyond that they do not wish to go. They can conceive to some extent only. After that they give up the efforts or hand over the inventory of their working to someone else having more endurance.

There are rare individuals who are totally selfless who want nothing for themselves. They can transcend all barriers. They conceive, pursue and achieve the goals with their consistent working. Their capacity to maintain consistency in their strategy is awe-inspiring. The higher their vision is, the higher is their capacity to undertake the efforts. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther are such personalities we still remember profoundly for their contribution to the society.

We may make an introspection of ourselves and grade whether we are selfish, unselfish or selfless. If need be, we may change our grade by effecting necessary changes in our attitude and endeavor to make efforts for success we wish for.

Be Happy – Adopt Consistency For Success