Advantages Of Using A Split Keyboard

Advantages Of Using A Split Keyboard : Determining which keyboard is the perfect one for you depends entirely on your favorite devices and on your preferred modes of working. If you spend hours at your ergo keyboards typing up documents and presentations a split foldable keyboard will provide you with ergonomic comfort no matter where you go. Consider pairing this keyboard with an ergonomic mouse and laptop and tablet stand to create the most comfort and ideal conditions for computing on-the-go, from the airport to the conference room. Split keyboards are everywhere these days.

This article will provide you helpful tips on why you should be using a custom split keyboard. How this type keyboards benefits the users physically? See details below:

  1. Addresses the painful Ulnar Deviation

    Ulnar deviation occurs when the wrist is bent outward in the direction of the little finger which causes carpal tunnel in the wrist to constrict. When the carpal tunnel constricts, it reduces blood flow, strains muscles, and puts pressure on the median nerve. A split keyboard addresses this painful posture in two ways: Separation and Splay.

  2. Addresses forearm pronation

    The only way to address forearm pronation is to elevate the thumb side of your hand when typing by “tenting” the two key modules in the middle. Sustained forearm pronation increases pressure on the forearm muscles and surrounding tissues, reducing blood circulation which can lead to fatigue and injury. If you feel anything like this then you better choose a keyboard with adjustable, not fixed, tenting capabilities.

  3. Reduces Mouse Reach when Gaming

    Full-size keyboards force gamers to reach around the keyboard to grip the mouse. This posture puts excessive strain on your wrist, elbow and shoulder. TKL and “Tournament Edition” gaming keyboards reduce the footprint, but they don’t go far enough. Many professional gamers will aggressively rotate the keyboard to generate more mousing room, but that just creates a different set of problems.

When it comes to a real split keyboard, there are two main types to compare – Fixed Split and Adjustable Split or also known as custom split keyboard.

Fixed split keyboards are great because they utilize a one-piece design that simply separates the key groupings for the left and right hand to reduce ulnar deviation.(see definition above)

The biggest downside is that fixed split keyboards are one-size-fits-all. With an adjustable split keyboard, you can adjust the key modules to your specific body type (narrow shoulders or broad shoulders) and, just as important, vary the position of the key modules on a regular basis to keep your muscles fresh and healthy.

Though we already have mentioned a few things that a user can take advantage of when using a split keyboard. A split keyboard still has to do all the other basic keyboard stuff as well so there are still some things you need to be careful in choosing the right custom split keyboard. As a user I would suggest to double check the warranty and whether or not this board has high-force keys and/or low-travel keys as this usually causes the finger fatigue.






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Advantages Of Using A Split Keyboard

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