Age is no Limit

Yes, it is true. Age is no limit for being happy. If you are in teens or you are youngster, you are mature or an old person, your age does not matter for being happy. It is a matter of your right and it is your attitude which can keep you happy. If you are younger, you can groom up yourself. If you think yourself old, you may change yourself – some efforts are essential to be undertaken. You will have to plan out for your dream of being happy again or bringing in more happiness in your life.

When a student dreams for a good career, he thinks that after properly opting for a particular course of study, he would easily get an appropriate opportunity to earn handsomely and lead his life happily. He works hard and gets success in finishing the course timely. But many times, he does not get the environment exactly which he had thought at the time of initiating. Some persons get stunned due to change in the tables, and some one feels that he can meet the additional requirements of the qualification to get some job or make out his career brighter.

It is true that the employer of today not only takes care of your educational and vocational achievements, he looks into your attitude and other personal traits as well. For being an ideal employee, professional or businessman, you are required to possess good personality, seriousness and confidence in your working. These qualities can not be acquired with the labor of 2-3 months; it develops in course of time.

Your good personality is the first step of your success. That ensures happiness quickly. If your personality reflects your maturity and confidence, you must assume that your work stands half done. Some psychologists prescribe some tools for development of proper personality:

1. Gaining Knowledge and Skills

Every employer wishes that the incumbent must be more practical in working in the desired field. If you have got a lot of bookish knowledge and you have not practiced that knowledge, you may not succeed to achieve your target of good position. Whenever you wish for a certain position, you must question yourself whether you have sufficient caliber to hold that position for a long time. For example, you want to become a software testing engineer, you must know to ascertain software lifecycles, testing tools and bugs.

For this, you may have to undertake a lot of practice. In college education, there is more emphasis over the principles of the techniques than the practice.After finishing the studies, the students find themselves unable to handle practical problems. Before recession, the companies have been giving training to the new incumbents but now, they prefer well experienced workers.You need to learn and practice the techniques before going to the floor so that undue wastage of time, energy and resources should not take place.

2. Communication Skills

If you wish to be happy, you need to develop your communication skills. You need to communicate your thoughts clearly,and you need to understand them clearly. Whatever language you use in communication, you must try that the delivery is mistake-less and your words are selective to the occasion. If you feel lacking in delivery or understanding, you will have to concentrate to remove your weakness. Find out where you are not doing well. You need to be polite where it is warranted and you must be aggressive where it is required.

3. Problem Solving Skills

A trouble shooter is every where welcomed. Employers prefer those candidates who need little instructions to accomplish the job more swiftly. Those persons who react back on each assignment or instructions are not appreciated. These people are never believed to be successful if there is any emergency. It is therefore necessary that as soon as you get an assignment, you must study it, find out the smooth and tough ways of getting through. Smooth points can be looked after by you smoothly but for the tough points, you can seek help of your colleagues, seniors and even you can get clues from juniors too.

4. Learning Tendency

In the present era of fast communication and changing techniques due to continuous research for betterment, you may find that the knowledge gained by you in your youth is getting obsolete. You must be ready to learn new techniques always, whatever be your age. If you match with the advancements, that will restore mental peace and happiness to you. If you wish to join somewhere, you must be ready to be examined by the employer regarding your thinking about innovation.

5. Attitude

Attitude plays the greatest role in your personality development. Your mindset or behaviorical traits will define your success and happiness. If you feel that you are not getting the success you deserve, you must have re-look upon yourself and check if your attitude is progressive or negative. If you have selected the job according to your own attitude, you would definitely get success and enjoyment in doing the work.

6. Dedication

If you need betterment of your position in your family, your office or within your circle of contacts, you need to have sound dedication to the jobs you undertake whether you are at your home, office or with friends. Your dedication to the job undertaken would definitely get success for you. Those persons who work dedicatedly get easy advancements in their life and career.

7. Personal relationship

Interpersonal sweet relationship with your colleagues, even with your family members, helps you to ensure smooth coordination and peaceful atmosphere. You can avoid odd scenes by maintaining good relations. It looks after your emotional health too. If you lead perfect emotional life, it can add up more than 16 years to your longevity. You can help your neighbors, your colleagues and your family members in achieving their targets – it will win their hearts for you.

8. Strong Work Ethics

You are well aware that those who work punctually while maintaining ethics are liked very much. The people start to believe upon them, their honesty and sincerity win the hearts of all the concerned. If you keep your words and your principles strongly, none will fear about your mood. They will work happily with you. This will increase your happiness and productivity.

9. Capacity to take initiative

You must have capacity to take initiative in every field you are assigned. Every employer understands well if you are able to do a job or not. If you demonstrate your capacity to do so, you may be duly rewarded for the initiative you may be taking. It would be an additional qualification in your personality and set up you as leader of your team. Once you take, you may stand assured that your team may also follow your lines in due course of time – it is also possible that they may appreciate you seeing your initiatives be helpful in achieving the targets more easily.

10. Flexibility

Please assume it for certainty that none is complete in this world. If someone has committed some wrong, you must study it before getting angry or punishing. Think it if the same wrong can be committed by you either unknowingly or in a jerk of anger or frustration. You must be reasonably flexible in observing the discipline rules by your subordinates and ignore the negligible laxities. If there is no mental tension, you will be happy.

11. Determination and Sincerity

If you undertake some job with determination and sincerity and complete with the same spirits, the results would definitely be hilarious whether they are positive or negative. It will instill confidence in you that you had exercised full justice with the job. If you do not succeed, you can study the reasons of failure and take corrective action. If you succeed, you can take more effective assignments that would bring happiness to you.

Apart from the above, you may take care of the following tips too for your happiness:
1. Don’t give away your power to people. Take responsibility for your life. If things aren’t going as hoped in your life, re-examine your deepest beliefs. Swap limiting beliefs for empowering ones.
2. Don’t watch movies that drag you down. Watch movies that will make you feel good. Listen to music that fills you with positive emotions. Read books that empower you. (Control the input to your brain, and you’ll control your output).
3. Do focus on what you want in your life, not what you don’t want. You have the power to create the life of your dreams – even if the world around you seems messed up, don’t lose focus.
4. Do imagine that what you dream of is in your life now, and feel grateful for it now …and after that think of 10 more things to be grateful for.
5. Do have fun. Life is about being happy. Don’t wait until you have this, or that… Don’t put off happiness. Live now. Enjoy now.
6. Do seek to discover the truth about the meaning of your life. The answers are there if you look for them. Awareness and peace of mind are high vibrations.
7. Do use tools and strategies to help you achieve higher levels of consciousness.
8. Do seek the truth. Trust your intuition. This will also help you give you a much more balanced view of reality. There’s lots of good news out there if you’re looking for it.
9. Do help other people. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are good vibrations.

Be Happy – Age is no limit for you for being happy.