Alive Forever- A Positive Motivation Filled Musical Movie by Wai Lana

In honor to the second International Day of Yoga celebration, the world renowned Yoga icon and instructor Wai Lana launched her newest Alive Forever short film and short music video. This is a highly anticipated release and said to be the follow up of last year’s “Namaste” video which was also created to commemorate the first International Yoga Day. Positive Motivation.

This video helps individuals realize that there is really no reason to be scared or sad as one’s body ages. Instead, they should be blessed knowing that aging should not be a reason for worry, as the person or the self is eternal and we will be alive forever. For nearly about 40 years, Wai Lana has introduced numerous individuals to Yoga and with an aim of helping them more, she launched this short music film Alive Forever. As individuals face the mirror every day, they begin to be bothered with their age and looks and their skin beginning to look dull.



Individuals have developed such kind of fear so to help eliminate this, Wai Lana created another fantastic and meaningful video that will not just eliminate fear about getting old but will also help individuals get rid of their anxiety. The video will make them realize that it is only the body and looks that will change but the real ‘self’ remains unchanged i.e. youthful and everlasting.

Wai Lana, the woman behind “Alive Forever is the host of legendary public TV series known as Wai Lana Yoga, being aired primarily in US and other countries in the world for almost four decades. This short film features a soothing and beautiful sound track and original voice recording of Wai Lana. Taking time to listen and watch this short film, individuals will better realize the value of spiritual being more than the material bodies. This is an ideal short music video and film that individuals should watch.

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Alive Forever- A Positive Motivation Filled Musical Movie by Wai Lana

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