All about Rhinoplasty

All about Rhinoplasty
All about Rhinoplasty

All about Rhinoplasty : Nose reshaping is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be done to improve breathing, alter the appearance of the nose, or both. Redefine Plastic Surgery Center has over 14 years of expertise with Rhinoplasty Surgeons.

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The nose is the most visible element of our face, serving as the focal point of our beauty, and any faults in the nose change the whole appearance of our face. A malformed nose can be a severe problem for people since it makes them look unsightly and lowers their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities to appear appealing.

Who is a good candidate for nose reshaping or Rhinoplasty?

People who have breathing problems, a nasal deformity from an accident, or a deformed nose from birth undergo nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Surgery is used nowadays to change the shape and appearance of people’s noses for cosmetic reasons.

Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery

  1. Open Rhinoplasty: This is an actual or external nose reshaping technique in which a transcolumellar cut joins the right and left nostrils. This technique can improve nasal abnormalities such as cleft lip, twisted nose, or another severe deformity.
  2. Closed Rhinoplasty: In closed Rhinoplasty, all surgical cuts are made inside the nostril. Thus there are no visible cuts or scars outside the nose. This procedure is used on patients who require minor nose changes.
  3. Tiplasty: Only the tip of the nose is changed; the rest of the nasal structure remains unchanged.
  4. Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty: A crooked nose does not follow a straight, vertical line down the center of the face. Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty can be used to correct a crooked nose. A rhinoplasty surgeon will plan the surgical repair of the crooked nose after an accurate diagnostic, taking into account balance, proportion, symmetry, and nasal function correction.
  5. Post-Accident Nose Surgery: Nose deformity is joint after a severe head and neck injury in a car accident. ReDefine offers Post-Accident Nose Surgery in Hyderabad.

Getting rid of the hump Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reduces the hump on the nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common reasons for nose reshaping surgery. The nasal hump is diminished. Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic correction or slimming down of the hump.

After Rhinoplasty, What Precautions Should You Take?

Dr. Harikiran, a renowned plastic surgeon from Hyderabad, would like to focus on a few critical factors.

  • Don’t blow your nose because it puts pressure on it directly.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise because it irritates the nose and makes it harder to recover fast.
  • Make sure your nose does not come into contact with any water, especially when showering.
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods to aid your body’s healing process.
  • Be careful not to pull shirts, sweaters, or other clothing over your head when getting dressed.
  • To speed up your recovery after surgery, be highly cautious and follow your doctor’s instructions.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery and How Does It Work?

According to the Hyderabad-based plastic surgeon, the patient should not eat or drink for 6 hours before the procedure because the anesthetic would not operate properly.

Furthermore, people who are addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol should stop 6 months before beginning treatment. It is possible that the therapy will take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Before surgery, the doctor should talk to the patient about any other ailments or medications they are on.

The nurse prepares a mixture of gas and an intravenous solution to begin the treatment. To check the patient’s oxygen saturation, a pulse oximeter is also kept on hand. The doctor will request that the patient be rendered unconscious by breathing medicine through an IV after administering a general anesthetic. The doctor gently separates the skin from the cartilage or bone and begins the reshaping surgery when the patient has gone numb. If more cartilage is needed in the future, the doctor may have to take it from the ear.

After the Rhinoplasty treatment, the patient is monitored for a few hours. Appropriate drugs and ointments and a proper diet are provided to speed up the recovery process. Swelling will linger following surgery; however, it will lessen over time if you take medications. To protect the nose and improve breathing via the nose, a nasal splint or cast is worn. The form will automatically fall off when the swelling decreases and can be removed with the assistance of a doctor. It’s best not to drink or eat anything too cold or too hot because it will interfere with your nasal recuperation.

If you contact a respected specialist for Rhinoplasty Procedure, you will receive the most significant surgery and aftercare. A detailed talk with the surgeon will help you comprehend the procedure and the benefits you will experience. The ultimate goal is to get the best nose job possible.






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All about Rhinoplasty