Amazing Ways To Stay Gym Motivated This Winter

Amazing Ways To Stay Gym Motivated This Winter : As the days get shorter, darker, and colder, finding the motivation to go to the gym in winter can feel impossible. It is a more enticing option to stay cosy in bed and hit the snooze button, because who wouldn’t want a snow day inside?

Unfortunately for most of us, winter is the season where most of our gains seem to slowly disappear and we gradually become more lenient with the food we eat and the time we spend watching movies. If this is the season you want to break the habitual lazy winter routine, you are already on the right track looking for inspiration.

The best way to look at the winter season is to view it as the season for transformation. If you think about it, it is the best time to create lasting habits which you can fully appreciate during the summer when it is time to be outside in the world! During this time you want to start the preparations for summer.

Maybe get a chemical peel, wear less makeup for your skin’s health, perform juice cleanses, and most importantly smash the gym. Just imagine it is the week before next summer, and you have all your holidays and events planned, yet there you are with an over consuming feeling of insecurity and self-deprecating thoughts. No more! From now on you will be fit and ready for winter, and these motivating tips should do just the trick.

Make it seem easy

Sounds easy enough to make things easy, right? Understanding how to optimise your workout time from start to finish is a skill if you want to work smarter rather than harder. The harder part will come during the workout, but making the whole process obtainable is the best way to get yourself to the gym. Techniques such as laying your gym clothes out the night before if you are going in the morning will ease the whole getting ready process. Lay everything out from your gym leggings, down to your underwear and socks, make getting ready seem as easy as possible. That way you have no excuses! Also, if you have to shower and eat after your session make sure all of those things are pre-made and packed the night before and ready to go.

Bring a buddy

The idea of waking up to be cold, and sleepy, and then leaving your house to push your body to the absolute limits does not sound particularly appealing. A great way to make the process seem more appealing is to bring a friend to join you. Hopefully, you have a work colleague, partner, or friend who wants to achieve similar things to you and would be happy to benefit from going to the gym with you. Not only does it give you more of a push to show up, but you can even make it slightly competitive and track your progress to see who is showing the most results. Having someone as motivation and inspiration to look up to is even better if it is a friend accompanying you.

Put your alarm in a different room

If you are a morning gym person, putting your alarm clock or phone set with an alarm in an opposing room to your bedroom is an effective way to get yourself up and out of bed. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are a deep sleeper, but the act of simply getting out of bed and on your feet is a huge step towards getting ready and eventually heading to the gym. Potentially ask a loved one to wake you up and not leave you alone until you are up and getting ready. Persistence is key and you need to fight a mental battle with yourself to not hit snooze and hop into bed the first week of doing this.

Make the commute quick

Yet another worsened experience during the winter months is the journey to the chosen gym. If you are lucky enough to drive, you have a huge benefit and hopefully will not feel as affected. For the rest of you, you might either have to commute to the gym by foot or on public transport.

If you are currently going to a gym that is more than a 30-minute commute by foot or transport, you are highly likely to go. If you have the option to, join a gym that is as close to your home as possible. Also prioritise wrapping up and layering your clothes for the journey to fight the cold, you will feel a lot more inclined to go. Finding a spot that is close to your place of work is a quick way to get yourself there also, you will have no excuse to not go as it will be right there! If you are moving make sure you know everything you need to know about gyms and what your own gym preferences are before you potentially sign a contract for a place you don’t enjoy.




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Amazing Ways To Stay Gym Motivated This Winter

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